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Duff here…

I will spare you all the juvenile “beaver” jokes, I am plenty sure this flick is filled with a plethora of them.

Low brow humor aside…I enjoy these types of cinematic endeavors, and the mere fact that you’re on Slack Jaw Punks you probably do to.

Director, Jordan Rubin has been involved with a ton of funny stuff, like; The Man Show, CrankYankers and The Late, Late Show, but this is first time as a director.

Films out on VOD March 20th…rest assured the SJP crew will watching along with you.


They’re ferocious, they’re furry, they’re ZOMBEAVERS, the stars of this 2015 horror-comedy, directed by Jordan Rubin. When a trio of sexy college girls (Cortney Palm, Rachel Melvin, Lexi Atkins) arrive at a remote cabin for a weekend getaway, their vacation is quickly jeopardized by a hungry bear, a menacing hunter (Rex Linn), and the girls’ own party-crashing boyfriends (Hutch Dano, Jake Weary, Peter Gilroy). However, these preliminary disturbances are nothing compared to what lurks in the lake by the cabin: The result of a local chemical spill, a horde of bloodthirsty, zombified beavers closes in on the unsuspecting co-eds. It isn’t long before the kids are engaged in a life and death struggle with the ferocious ZOMBEAVERS, but it turns out that the creatures themselves are only the beginning of their nightmare. Featuring cameos by Bill Burr and John Mayer, Zombeavers is infectiously funny and terrifying. Zombeavers. They’ll dam you to hell!


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