You’re Invited!! The Killer Party Trailer Is Here!

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A few years back I spent a weekend drinking and chatting with writer/director Alex Drummond. Prior to this weekend I had no knowledge of Alex or his flick Killer Party (formerly The Shower). Alex is a great dude and an even better drinking partner and as the weekend went on I began to worry. A bromance was brewing with the director of horror flick I had yet to see. What if the movie sucked? I could be drinking and telling off color jokes with the guy who made the next Ishtar (Google it millennials…)!! It would make for the most awkward conversation I’ve had since breaking up with my high school girlfriend  at her grandma’s funeral. Fortunately, for me (and not so much for my ex…) Killer Party was a hell of a good time and I could continuing drinking worry free and focusing on not screaming racial slurs and wetting myself in a blacked out stupor (SPOILER ALERT: I was kicked out of the bar wearing soaked jeans and the smell of shame..).

Fast Forward 3 years (and several court ordered “counseling” meetings) and we finally get the release of Killer Party next week! Epic Pictures is releasing the flick on VOD August 16th. This is one not to be missed. Getting black out drunk before viewing is discouraged by the film makers… Check out the poster and trailer below!



Available on VOD and Digital Platforms August 16th



PLOT:A group of clueless friends become trapped at a baby shower when a sudden zombie apocalypse threatens their lives. Waiting for help to arrive it soon becomes clear that no one is coming and the group will have to use their limited urban survival skills to fight their way to freedom.

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