You’re Doomed! You’re All Doomed! Play Friday the 13th: The Game with Slackjaw Punks

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UPDATE: Going to try streaming. Click HERE for Matt’s Twitch Channel.

UPDATE: Per the Friday the 13th: The Game Facebook page, the XBox live Patch is live. It’s a big one(3.5GB) so give yourself enough time to have it loaded!

TONIGHT! June 2nd, 2017, join Bub and Matt on XBox Live as we play Friday the 13th:The Game! Make sure to join the Slackjaw Punks Xbox Live Club(to join a club follow this, search for Slackjaw Punk) 

We should have games starting around 9:30 and spots will be limited but we will try to get as many groups going as possible.

We are also working on getting a live stream up on Twitch – stay tuned for more details coming soon.