Wes Craven Film Looking To Reboot?

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Peter Berg who stared in Wes Craven 1989 film Shocker has created a static change with news about a possible reboot.  Peter Berg who spoke with Arrow in the Head said this to fans.

I’d love to remake it,” says Berg before clarifying, “Wes would direct it; I’d star in it.” “I’d like to redo Shocker just to get the special effects right because we had a real special effects disaster on the film,” said director Wes Craven in an earlier interview. “The guy who was doing all the visual effects kind of flamed out, had a nervous breakdown because he was attempting more than he could actually do. When he told us towards the end of the movie that not a single one of the special effects was actually working, he was working on a new technique, my son’s job specifically became just to find all the negative. It was all around town in unmarked boxes and under people’s editing [benches]. It was a nightmare itself. We pulled every favor in town to get all those special effects done very quickly, and some of them are pretty sketchy.”

I’m sure like most horror movie reboot news it will just die on the vine. However, I wouldn’t mind seeing a gritty, darker new version of this film.  I’m a fan of Wes Cravens work and yes I know ill get sneers for saying that(especially when it comes to his ladder work) but his films were a big part of my horror adolescents.  As far as I’m concerned I’ll be more than happy to drop my money on any film he’s attached too, he’s earned it. Lets cross our fingers and hope this comes to be.  Check back for updates, as we will keep you posted as they develop.



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