I Want To Believe

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Duff here…

It’s been seven years since Mulder and Scully’s last investigation, and I think I can speak for all fans, “I Want to Believe” is not how we want to remember them. Sure, there is IDW ongoing X-Files series, which of the issues I’ve read are generally solid.

Rumors of a reboot, or third film has been floating around since 2009 at least, but this week they got real. Fox TV Group chairman Gary Newman confirmed there are serious talks with Chris Carter to bring the series back. You may remember a few weeks back, Gillian Anderson said she would love to play Dana Scully once again on the Nerdist podcast. This promoted the popular Twitter hashtag #XFiles2015.

But today the hammer dropped, when David Duchovny confirmed all the chatter. He suggests everyone is on board, and it’s really a matter of scheduling. Having just ended Califorication, Duchovny is currently wrapping up the 60’s psychedelic crime drama “Aquarius” for NBC. Carter might be producing “Area 51” for AMC, it’s based on the Annie Jacobson’s Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base, but there hasn’t been much news on this lately. You may recall his Amazon Original show “The Afters” was ordered but then discarded. And of course, Anderson has been very busy on both sides of the pond with roles in “Hannibal” and the hit UK series “The Fall”. Series 2 of that just landed over at Netflix. No word if Robert Patrick is welcomed back. My guess is that it would be late 2016 at earliest.

Can you imagine Twin Peaks and the X-Files on the air at the same time!!! Weird overload! What about a crossover, my gosh, the infinite number of possibilities. Anyways…

The X-Files was my go to TV of my teen years and would love to see it back. I just hope this time around Fox puts a few extra dimes in the production. It would also be nice to bring in Vince Gilligan to write or direct of a few episodes for’ole time sake.

Until the production schedule is printed and the teaser trailers role…I’ll be searching the internet, knowing the truth is out there, wanting to believe…

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