Walking Dead Recap: 5:8

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Mid-Season Finale

There are certainties that you can expect from The Walking Dead, and one of them is that their Mid-Season Finale will leave you stunned. Season 5 did NOT disappoint.

Before the ending, which still has me “STUNNED”, I was enjoying the intensity of the episode and looking for their hidden messages. The one that brought an actual chuckle out of me was the scene where the walkers finally find their way into the church and we see Carl, Michonne, Gabriel, and baby Grimes, making a break for the back room. The camera pulls back to give us a full shot of the Church as the zombies are flooding in and we see on the arch, that is over the altar, the Biblical words from John 6:54, “He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood has eternal life….”. Well done writer’s, director’s and producer’s, well done. I applaud you on this placement, it made me chuckle!

Another thing that really caught my attention, and then made me do some digging and research after the episode, was the scene where Gabriele sneaks away from the Church and heads to the neighborhood school. There he finds a Bible on the ground and “randomly” opens it up. I pause the TV and take note of where he opens it, and it is the book of 2 Chronicles. Ah Ha! I must now do some digging. I know some of my Bible passages, but 2 Chronicles is in the old testament, and let’s be honest, the old testament is a bit more forgettable than the new, at least in my opinion. After some research and reading I am reminded that 2 Chronicles, in a quick summary, is about the split of the Nation of Israel, where it is split into two, after many years of rule as one nation, and under peaceful rule. It is the exact story we have seen unfold during The Walking Dead. The world was once a place of humanity, and now torn into a world of two. Humans trying to survive, and The Walkers. Is it coincidence the Bible was opened to a passage that tells this story? I think not! Not with this crew of writers! Again, I applaud you.

This episode, and for the most part the first half of this season, has been very influenced by episodes of Faith, or lack thereof, The Church, or lack thereof, and Biblical passages thrown in. When bad things happen in life, we turn to Faith for answers and hope. But what happens when the bad is so bad that you wonder if there was ever anything behind that Faith to begin with? That is the ULTIMATE struggle we see night in, and night out, with the survivors, and as each episode and season moves along, this struggle bubbles more and more to the surface.

All this, before the shocking ending that left me saying, “HOLY SHIT”! RIP Beth, you would have been a hell of a fighter in this new world of Walkers!

And so it is, they leave us for another two months before we start the fight to survive, all over again. I will see you back here in February, 2015. Until then, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year… HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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