Walking Dead Recap 5:6

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The Flashback of Carol!

This episode was a bit slow moving and a bit disjointed for me. It starts by taking us back a couple episodes, and get’s us caught up to where we last saw Carol, being wheeled into the Children Of The Corn Hospital. Thrown into this episode is also a number of flashbacks of what happened to Carol after she was thrown out of the prison camp last season. The problem was, the flashback scenes just felt very scattered, with no flow or real full painting of her life. In a way, I suppose this could be reminiscent of how Carol is feeling now, very disjointed and not sure of who, or what, she is right now, in this new world. It is becoming very apparent she is starting to feel lost.

We found out early on in season one that Carol was a part of an abusive marriage. In this episode, as her and Daryl walk into the apartment building for shelter, there is a book on the table titled, “Treating Survivors of Childhood Abuse; Psychotherapy for the Interrupted Life”. We see Carol walk in, see the book, and a look falls over her face. It becomes apparent Carol’s abuse may have gone on much earlier than her marriage. Shortly after that there is a scene where Carol and Daryl are looking into the cause of some noises down a hallway. They come to two closed doors, both with frosted windows. Behind one closed door you see the silhouette of a female zombie, and behind the other door you see the silhouette of a child zombie. This entire scene is symbolism of Carol’s past, the abused child and the abused adult, haunting her and reminding her of her past. Unable to physically touch her, because of the separation of the doors, but still close enough to where she can see them, reminded of what’s just behind the closed door of reality and the closed door of her past.

I hate to say this…. But there are only two episodes left for 2014, and then their mid-season break for the Holidays. I guess it makes some sense, as much as I LOVE my zombies, I don’t necessarily want to mix them in with my episodes of Rudolph, Frosty, Twas The Night Before Christmas, The Year Without A Santa Clause, The Grinch, A Muppets Christmas Carol, Scrooged, ELF, Christmas Vacation, oh… sorry, I got caught up in a few of the Christmas shows I enjoy. Anhywhoooo…..

Walk on WALKERS, and I will see you back here next week for another review of THE WALKING DEAD!

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