Walking Dead Recap: 5:5

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With the Holidays approaching, this is a popular time for people to exchange recipes. Well, I have a very special recipe I would like to share with you tonight. It’s an old family recipe called, “ How To Destroy The Will To Live”


1 apocalypse

300 million zombies

8 or More regular humans

8 or more will’s to live

And 1 lying nerd


First mix the apocalypse with the 300 million zombies. After mixing, let rest for a good amount of time. Then take 8, or as many regular humans as you can find, and mix a matching amount of will’s to live. Again, after mixing, let rest for a good amount of time. Now comes the most important part of the recipe. Slowly beat in 1 lying nerd, making sure it’s completely mixed in. Once this is done, bake at an extremely high heat for a short moment of time and before you know it…. BOOM…. You will have officially created, “ How To Destroy The Will To Live”.

Make this, this Holiday Season, and it is sure to be a hit.

What a powerful episode of watching this group of survivors find out the very reason to keep living in the world of Zombies, because someone claims they have the cure, have it taken away from all of them as Eugene shows to all of us that he is nothing more than a lying, D&D playing, living in Mom and Dad’s basement, nerd! It was amazing to watch myself go from liking a character, to wanting to punch him out, and Thank God Abraham did it for all of us!

Speaking of Abraham, he plays the second story line in tonight’s episode. We start to receive flashbacks of his life, who he was, and where he came from. It quickly becomes clear that Abrahams incessant need to always keep moving forward toward Washington DC, to never stop or go back, is just as much a metaphor for his personal life, as it is an actual need to get to Washington to save the world. Well, at least until we find out that Eugene is a liar, liar, pants on fire! It’s a very powerful ending scene when we watch Abraham drop to his knees, as he realizes that the very thing he fought for, the very thing he wrapped himself up in, to hide and run from his past, is no longer viable. At that very moment he realizes he can no longer run from his past, that it has finally caught up to him.

It’s a wonderful episode that is filled with ton’s of symbolism, flashbacks and foreshadowing. It’s an -episode that would actually warrant another watch simply because of all the hidden symbolism, just to see what I might have missed in the first go-‘round. But sadly, as all Walking Dead episodes do, this one had to come to an end, and so I say……

Walk on WALKERS, and I will see you back here next week for another review of THE WALKING DEAD!