Walking Dead Recap : 5:4

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The Return of Beth!

Episode 3 ends in a way that left me waiting, and wanting episode 4 to start. Much to my surprise, episode 4 did NOT start where episode 3 ended and to that I say…… HRUMPH! With that being said, this new episode was a hell of a ride that gave us the return of Beth.

You say Tomato, I say “Tomoto”….. ooops, he’s dead!

In comparison to the first 3, this episode moves relatively slow, but still packs a big punch. We see the series come full circle, back to where it all began, Atlanta, Georgia and in a Hospital. Once again we are introduced to a new group of survivors and once again we see what it takes to survive in this new Zombie World. In this new world it seems to be a matter of choice as to which Devil you want to sell your soul to, to survive. There are dark secrets within every group, all of which the people within find a way to live with those secrets and sins, all in the name of survival. It’s no longer about humanity, but human survival!

“…. I ate the sheriff, but I did not eat the deputy….. “

The end of last season we see Daryl teaching Beth how to survive, helping her to make that step from being a scared child, to a bad-ass adult who can take care of herself. In tonight’s episode we see just how well she listened to what Daryl was saying. If there were still classrooms and report cards, let’s just say that Beth would have scored an ‘A’ in Professor Dixon’s, “how to survive the zombie apocalypse; and be a bad-ass in the process” 101 class. By the end of the episode we know Beth is no longer the little girl from last season, and as the show is about to end we see Carol being carted into the hospital where Beth is being held captive. Two bad-ass chicks now together in this hospital??? OH YAH, you better believe it and I can promise you, this “tribe” living in the hospital has NO idea what is about to be unleashed on them once Beth and Carol set their minds on escape. I am sure we will be seeing this happen, sooner than later, and I can’t wait to see it happen!

Walk on WALKERS, and I will see you back here next week for another review of THE WALKING DEAD!