Walking Dead Recap: 5:3

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Mom always said to check the expiration date, tainted meat can be very bad for you!

I am here to tell you that we can officially say goodbye to the Martha Stewart Rick of last season.
No more laundry duty and gardening for our sheriff. This season has shown us the new and slightly demented, Rambo Rick. From Pansy-Ass to Bad-Ass, DO NOT CROSS Rick’s path!

The most powerful theme of this episode is the juxtaposition between good and evil. Although we have pretty much seen that since season one, this time it is so blatant as the entire episode is based in, and around, a church. The very site of a church brings feelings of safety and sanctity. That is not the case in this “new world”.

“… this was once a House of God. But now it’s just four walls and a roof….”

There is something very unsettling after the big killing scene in the church. The camera shows an aerial view. You see the pews, the altar, the holy setting of church, but it is overshadowed by the bodies and blood lying on the ground. Good and Evil came face to face in that scene. Symbols of Faith and God are seen, as killing and carnage is everywhere.

Eventually this nightmare will end, don’t lose yourself in the process…..

But, the question is, what is “evil” in this “new world”? In one scene Rick is putting bullets through heads, and crushing skulls with a machete. In the next scene he is seen holding his baby daughter, and being the loving and protecting Father. It’s a very powerful moment when you see Rick taken down to the very basic human instinct of kill to survive, to protect. He kills like a wild animal ripping apart its’ prey, and then in the next scene you see him holding his daughter like a civilized Father. There is a moment where Rick is staring at his daughter with a lost look in his eyes and I found myself wondering if Rick has gone too far? Could he ever make it in a “civilized” world again?

Season 5 has been nothing short of amazing, so far, and the ending of episode 3 has me so confused and ready for next week’s episode, NOW!

Walk on WALKERS, and I will see you back here next week for another review of THE WALKING DEAD!

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