Walking Dead Recap 5:14

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First…. My apologies!

I could sit here and tell you how I was unable to submit a review on episode 13 due to the fact I was out fighting zombies, trapped with my team while on a supply run.


I could tell you that because it was the thirteenth episode, that I refused to write about it due to my superstitions of the number thirteen. You know, like how a skyscraper never has a thirteenth floor? Yah… kind of like that.


The truth of it is, I was just to damn busy. I hate to say it, but life just got in the way! But, for the sake of sounding cool, let’s go with the first scenario, it just sounds better. So, now that my group and I are back from our supply run after being trapped in a building, surrounded by walkers and fighting our way out, I am safely back at campy, ready to write my review for episode 14.

“We were almost out there for to long”, Glenn’s words he shared during his interview when getting to Alexandria. The truth is, I think they were out there to long. A sad realization hit me while watching this episode, our group may have gone to the point of no return. There is a very powerful scene where Father Gabriele approaches Deanna to explain to her how Satan is hidden as the Angel Of Light, within the walls of Alexandria, and that Satan is Rick and the group. He proceeds to tell her how the group cannot be trusted, how they may seem good for the community now but eventually would do only what was good for them and the group, not the community as a whole. The first reaction, as a viewer and a fan, is anger. How dare you Gabriele! How dare you betray our group this way! However, by the time the scene is done, which is directed perfectly with flashing to other scenes of Carol and Rick making plans to take a situation into their own hands, and you find yourself realizing that Gabriele is speaking the truth. Our group was out there to long. A sad moment, realizing that this small group of people whom we have grown with, without true psychological help, probably can no longer live in a civilized society. Seriously, a sad pill to swallow!
Another realization of this episode is just how soft and week the people of Alexandria are. Their actions in the face of true zombie adversity shines bright in this episode, and leads directly to the death of one from the group, as we watch Noah being torn apart by the walkers, in a death scene like no other.

So the questions’ linger, what will become of Alexandria? Has Deanna given to much power to those from the outside? Have they been out there to long? Only two episodes remain to try and find the answers to these questions.

Walk on WALKERS, and I will see you back here next week for another review of THE WALKING DEAD!

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