Walking Dead Recap 5: 12

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What do you get when you mix an episode of The Walton’s, with an episode of the Twilight Zone? You get season five, episode twelve of The Walking Dead! My hat’s off to the producers, writers, and directors for giving us one hell of a creepy episode, with very few walkers involved.

Welcome to Alexandria!

Is this new “community” to good to be true? Well of course it is, this is the Walking Dead we are talking about. And knowing this, keeps you on the edge of your seat the entire episode, and I am sure for the future episodes to come, just waiting for the real Alexandria to show its’ face. Everything about this town just does not feel right. Taking our group that is beaten down, covered in weeks / months of dirt and sweat, and you clean them up and put them in a “Sunday Best”? NOOOO, it’s not right! It doesn’t look right, or feel right, yet it’s like a bad accident, you can’t take your eyes off of it. We are forced to watch as they turn our rag-tag group into suburbanites, with buttoned up colored shirts, sweaters, and ties, heading off to their new jobs!? Well, all accept one; Daryl Dixon.

The main story of this episode is the group trying to acclimate to this new town. But the secondary story line is a very interesting one, based on social ties and the struggle Daryl is having, within. In the world before the Zombie Apocalypse, Daryl Dixon was what you would call “White Trash”. He came from a broken home, with an alcoholic and abusive father, who made moonshine out of their back shed. Daryl did not fit into the “norm” of everyday society, looked down on by those with more money, better education, and probably better hygiene practices, too. In return, Daryl despised those with more money, who lived in the big houses, and wore the perfect clothes. However, in the post Zombie Apocalypse world, Daryl was able to leave his old self behind and become somebody who mattered to those around him. He became a needed and wanted person of that group, he became “somebody” in his own mind.

Then, within a blink of an eye, Daryl is thrust back into that old world, where he felt he never really belonged. His group is now showered and clean cut, wearing new clothes and walking off to new jobs’. But, not Daryl! For God Sakes, that man has not even showered yet, since getting to the new town, or pealed his sweat soaked cloths off. He doesn’t want to! He does not want to lose the man he has become, those clothes and that dirt are all reminders of the man he was able to become, and now the struggle is on for Daryl to hold on to that man, all while being surrounded by everything that reminds him of who he use to be. The entire premise of Alexandria, and for those who live there, is to remember who you were, and to bring that person back. Daryl cannot, and will not, go back to that man he was. I have a funny feeling he won’t have to hold on to this fight for long, everything is to good, to be true. Even as Rick buttons up his collar and puts on his new sheriff attire, we know his mind is going a hundred miles an hour, waiting for all this to come crashing down!

Walk on WALKERS, and I will see you back here next week for another review of THE WALKING DEAD!

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