‘Violent Shit- The Movie’ Looks Like It Might Just Live Up To It’s Name…

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There was a time when all you needed to make a solid horror movie was tons of gore and gratuitous nudity. Maybe its the 15-year-old inside of me, but I miss those days. Pretty sure that’s what old people refer to as the “Salad Days”… Maybe not.. What I do know for sure is horror is seriously lacking a film maker with the stones to get back to these films. It’s like someone has been reading my horror diary because today Violent Shit- The Movie landed in my inbox. Blood, Boobs and Insanity, plus a soundtrack by Claudio Simonetti from Goblin!!It’s like director Luigi Pastore was sent by the Horror Gods themselves to make this movie just for me. Reel Gore Releasing is setting this beast free come August 9th in a massive 3 disc limited edition set. Check out the trailer below and if you dig what you see the movie is available for pre-order over at Amazon. Please be warned this trailer is extremely NSFW!


www.reelgorereleasing.com (coming soon)

Available for pre-order on Amazon.com


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