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Tired of having to hide your phone when you are playing candy crush and another dude walks by? Wanting some greater satisfaction than swapping jewels for the highest score? If you answered yes to either of this question you are in luck. Ladies and gents right now Games with Gold on Xbox Live has Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes. Developed by Capybara games (Tag Games on iOS) And published by Ubisoft this puzzle RPG will keep you occupied for hours. I mean, face it, any game is better when you add RPG to it.


Set in the world of Ashan this third title prequel in the series is based around five main protagonist: Godric, Anwen, Aiden, Nadia and Fiona. Each of whom command Knights, Elves, Demons, Wizards, and Necromancers. Battles are turned based where you play as one of the main characters which then controls their respective units. The player and opponent start with a set number of units on his/her side of the battlefield where in order to attack you must stack units of matching color in threes. Each main character also gets a special ability.

Players must use color combinations and resource management to deplete the enemies health and win every battle. You can play through the campaign gaining units, artifacts, and items to strengthen your army and characters. If you have no desire for good story just jump straight into head to head matches against AI or other players.



The story mode flows great and really think you should play through it first. I was blown away by the development teams effort into every individual characters story. From the very first cut scene I was hooked I couldn’t put it down. I have lost a good amount of sleep over this game because the story keeps you wanting to know more about this rich world of Ashan. I stopped trying to explain the game and told my friends: it is bad ass, just download it. Games like this are breath of fresh air from your stereotypical FPS or RPG. For those of you that like a challenge you will be screaming obscenities and throwing controllers at the difficulty of this game. The countless combinations will keep you itching for the next battle.

559014-might-magic-clash-of-heroes-windows-screenshot-intro-cutscene 559013-might-magic-clash-of-heroes-windows-screenshot-intro-cutscene



The online verses mode is fast and easy matchmaking. What makes your day or night better than a beer and laying a good pixel based bashing on someone? You can choose from any of the main characters and go head to head with anyone online brave enough to face you. Multiplayer keeps things balanced by setting the level cap to 10 for heroes and 5 for units just like in the story mode. Which is good in a way of making things balanced and forcing players to rely on skill. This is a smart move by the developers to keep the game exciting and fun for every one.



All in all this game is solid and did not disappoint. So pick it up now on XBL for free if you have a gold account with this months Games with Gold. If you don’t have a xbox 360 pick it up on your phone,tablet, or PS3 (prices vary). If you want to know more about the Might & Magic visit for tons more info o this awesome franchise.

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