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I fucking love platformers. Platformers are traditionally 2D games where you jump a lot. I think. Probably not. Honestly my knowledge of video games is pretty damn limited. Not that I don’t play. Much to my wife’s disgust I play a lot of video games. Mostly shooters and (what I think, may be, quite possibly) platformers. I’m a child of the 80s/90s when 2D jumping on platform games were king! Hours of jumping on platforms, over lava pits and onto bad guy’s head, only to lose all progress by misjudging the length of jump and fall to our deaths. No saves, no redoes. All we had to show for hours of gaming was sore thumbs and a controller lost to rage quitting. Sadly, these days are long behind us. Or so I thought! Recently we have had boom of 2D games, mostly from the indie world of game makers (Sonic and Mario still crank em out!). Video games that tap into a huge nostalgia vein that pumps through most us 30-year-old and up gamers. Mostly these games are straight rehashes of those classic 2D games (Looking at you Sonic Mania…), some add a new spin (Mario Bros!) but nothing is exactly fully embracing the 2D world and giving us something that feels fun and new. That is until I got my mitts on a copy of Cuphead. Cuphead is the most fun I’ve had playing video games since those Friday nights of my childhood begging my Mom to let me rent a new cartridge from the video rental store. The rentals cost like 9$!! Of course I had to beg!

Cuphead is a game that would ignite nostalgia in my granddad. Not a knock against the game, but it’s whole schtick is it’s done in the style of earlier cartoons. We are talking OLD SCHOOL. The years of cranking up the car, woman not being able to vote and separate drinking fountains. You know, when America was great… wait… Well, our countries oppressive history aside, these early decades of our country were the heyday for cartoons and the creators of Cuphead wears their love for Max Fleischer on their sleeves. Fans of this style of animation should lay down the 20$ bucks now. You will not be disappointed. Word has it the creators hand drew the game and it makes for a visually unique gaming experience.

Run and gun platformers are my Achille’s heel when it comes to video games. It’s like I stopped maturing at age 11… says the 33-year-old man who is obsessed with comic books and video games… Cuphead doesn’t pretend to be anything but that: A straight run and gun platformers. Unlike many recent games of this ilk, Cuphead never gets tiresome or feels repetitive. As most of the gameplay revolves around boss battles, each battle feels different from the last. With bosses that fill up damn near half the screen and seem to increase in difficulty as the battle wages, I have yet to get tired of duking it out with them. That says a lot. I have the attention span of a hummingbird..

Cuphead is one of the most challenging yet satisfying games I have ever played. Yes, I have played Dark Souls. No, I don’t find that video game satisfying. Unless you think throwing your controller into your TV while spewing a string of obscenities that would make a sailor blush satisfying. Cuphead offers a challenge that rarely crosses over into the land of controller breaking. When I do eventually take a boss down I fucking earned it! And am more than eager to start on the next one.

Cuphead is a beautiful, fun and challenging video game. A must play for gamers of all types. You’d be hard pressed to find a better game for only 20$. Cuphead is available on Xbox Live right now!