Tribeca Film Festival 2013 Wrap Up!

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The Tribeca Film Festival wrapped this past Sunday and I was lucky enough to be able to attend. Spending most of my time-consuming as many horror flicks as I could, I was able to sneak in a couple of non-genre flicks and work a couple of red carpet events. Having a hell of a time running the streets of NYC, here’s a few of the highlights of my time at TFF 2013.



Kick-Ass Press Lounge

Going into Tribeca Film Festival I had no idea what to expect. Being my first trip to NYC, I felt a bit like a fish out of water, but after stepping foot in the Tribeca Press Lounge I was right at home. Such a cool laid back place to network and just chill. Besides the awesome leather couches and cool computers the fine folks at Tribeca offered free ice cream. If not for my over whelming love of movies, I may have never left. Damn this website! It’s sad how quickly I’m willing to sell out my passions for a scoop of frozen sugar.



Deadbolt Short Program

One of my favorite aspects of TFF 2013 was the genre heavy Deadbolt Short Program. I had completely overlooked this prior to arriving at TFF and almost missed it entirely. God bless that program guide I received at check in. I’ve always felt horror works best in short bursts and Tribeca has chosen some damn nice titles here. Stay tuned later this week for SJP’s reviews of the Deadbolt program.



Drunk Bro Fight

Now before I begin this tale I have to preference it by saying that the folks involved are in no way connected to Tribeca or the festival. Disclaimer over, now on with the story. After a hard day of watching movies (Yeah that is work for me!) I decided to roam around and see what NYC had to offer. Finding my way to the legendary Ace Hotel I stopped in for a drink. This would lead to one of the best/worse 30 minutes of my life. Quickly realizing I was out of my element at the Ace I stepped out for some fresh air. There I encountered a pair of frost tipped, artificially tanned “bros” in a heated debated. Bro #1 was yelling at Bro #2 to “LET ME FINISH MY THOUGHT!”. Bro #2 would then quiet down long enough for Bro #1 one to yell “COCKSUCKER!” and “YOU SHOULD OF HAD MY BACK!”. Bro #2 would try to defend himself, but was quickly cut off by Bro #1 yelling “LET ME FINISH MY THOUGHT!”. This cycle would go on to repeat itself for 30 mins. I don’t know what’s sadder Bro #2 letting his friend call him a cocksucker for 30 minutes and not decking him or me standing there watching the entire time..



Lil Bub & Friends

Now, I know we rarely cover documentaries on the site. I can also say with out a shadow of a doubt that we have never covered one about a cute internet meme cat. To be honest I hate cats and since I’m being honest I have to say I LOVE LIL BUB. After hearing great things about this movie, I put my cat prejudice aside and took in this flick. I never understood “cat people” and I still don’t, but after watching this movie I became the proud owner of a Lil’ Bub tee-shirt.


 The Tribeca Film Festival

Now I’ve attended many of film festivals ( Yes, watching all the Die Hard movies in my basement with Jake and Thom counts as “festival”), but never have been to one as big as TFF.  It’s no secret that I am a die-hard horror film junkie and TFF had a horror fans movie line up. Just with V/H/S/2 ( CLICK HERE to check out my full review) and Frankenstein’s Army they had my ass parked in a seat, but then they went on to include so many awesome flicks. Hell even the now genre films like Greetings From Tim Buckley were worth the price of admission. Then the powers that be went on to include such cool events like the Tribeca Film Drive In ( which screened the Tim Burton Classic Beetlejuice) and The Family Festival Street Fair ( Being a new dad this one stuck out to me).  What the hell else could I ask for?


Overall I had a blast at the TFF this year. Running the streets of NYC ( O.K., not so much running as slowly trudging) was cool enough. This festival was a blast.  Be it badass horror flicks, Bros throwing down in the streets or insanely cute cats TFF 2013 was a hell of a time. I can’t imagine what 2014 has in store for us.

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