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IDW’s latest entry into the Transformers saga is doozy! Packed with action, dark motives and a glimmer of hope, writer John Barber and artist Livio Ramondelli, give the Dinobots MadMax treatment in this post war Cybertron.

Focusing on the always crusty, but likable Dinobots, Barber’s script sets up like an escape flick. The set-up: the Dinobots are hired as muscle by former Decepticon Barricade, now a cop ( a dirty cop, the best kind) offers Slug, the defacto leader of the Dinobots a handful of cash to sneak out a truck full unknown precious cargo.

Charging like a bat out of hell, Barricade, Slug and the rest of the Dinos make for free ground, only to be chased by Shockwave’s attack dogs! Setting up a bloody dust up in the wasteland with grave consequences.


Redemption treads a darker, more mature path than most of IDW’s Transformer outings, and this reviewer found it refreshing. Outside of couple of mentions, Optimus Prime doesn’t make an appearance, leaving space for newer characters to breath. Another unique thing about Redemption is its length. 48 pages instead of the usual 26 or 32. Also it a self-contained story, and the reader doesn’t need to have been following the series to feel on board. I don’t nesaserily recommend reading Combiner Wars or at least Punishment before hand, but it won’t hurt either.

Ramondelli’s art continues to impress, honestly, his Prime might be the best out there. Redemption world is weathered, beaten down, desperate even, and pencils and colors reflect it well. I’ve heard some fans who’d prefer a more clean look, but, with this somber narrative it’d be out-of-place. Speaking of Livio, I was able to chat with him about Redemption and the entire Transformers universe-so stay tuned for that in an upcoming episode of Obi Wan’s Beard.

In conclusion, Ramondelli’s and Barber continue to be a solid creative team creating distinct chapters on the Transformers spectrum. Part Mad Max Fury Road, part western, Transformers Redemption is all more than meets the eye. Pick up the one-shot at a comic shop near you.

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