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If you’ve read any my posts, you’ve most assuredly have picked up on my love of new, bright shiny things and wacky ideas. If you haven’t like both these things.

TWO BELLMAN is one of 1,000 short films that be made this year, but something makes it very unique. It is being produced and distributed by JW Marriott. Yes, the big hotel chain. It’s pure marketing genius. Not only with the flick be distributed through the regular channels like VOD, but it will be delivered to the 47 million Marriott Reward members. (talk about a built in audience)

The short focuses on two dedicated, likable bell hops who have a knack for staging elaborate stylized fight scenes set to hip hop. Ok, so I’m not sure what the entire plot is…some bad guys, some guns, bellman saves the day….ya’ know an average stay at a Marriott.

Directing this the group behind Substance Over Hype. You might have visited their Youtube channel, good possibility they have over 20 million hits. The are “a movement” of artisans from all mediums, such as music, dance, extreme sports, martial arts, and parkour. You can see all these elements in the trailer.

Is this stunt marketing? Yah, for sure. Am I ok with it? Defiantly. Personally, I think this is yet another great example of how making films is changing. 15, 10, not even 5 years could you fathom something like this happening. No longer do you need a big budget, big studio, or a big name to make some something the masses want to see.

TWO BELLMAN drops March 10th!

From Marriott Content Studio:

Two Bellmen is an action-comedy from Marriott Content Studios about, well, two bellmen who prove their company loyalty when the JW Marriott LA LIVE comes under siege by “The Purple Panthers,” the most notorious smash and grab art thieves of our time. The film is a comedic, genre-bending explosion of parkour, martial arts, dance and music action, and features the biggest stars from the hip hop and B-boy dance worlds, including leading Hollywood stuntmen William Spencer (SPIDER-MAN; SPIDER-MAN 2) and Caine Sinclair (NBC’s Grimm; How I met Your Mother) as The Bellmen. The cast also includes Henry Simmons (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.); Miles Brown aka Baby Boogaloo (ABC’s Black-ish); Sophina Brown (Shark; Numb3rs; The Good Wife); noted B-boy dancer Josue “Beastmode” Figueroa (Southland; STEP UP REVOLUTION); Josue Antonio (STEP UP series; The LXD); Taryn Southern (The Single Life); and So You Think You Can Dance hip hop legend, Stephen “tWitch” Boss (STEP UP films; So You Think You Can Dance; MAGIC MIKE XXL), as well as other amazing talents from Substance Over Hype. The music and dance world is also fully represented, with AMP Live, Scarub, and Fingazz all making appearances.

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