Trailer: The Do-Over

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The second of Sandler 4 picture deal with Netfilx, finds the Sandman talking a high school friend who’s living the mundane (David Spade) into ditching reality, to join him living the good life of south beach honeys and yachts. Things go to far when Sandler’s character, fakes their deaths and comes clean that he’s just an average guy too.

Sandler’s first Netflix outing, The Ridiculous 6 , wasn’t great, heck, it wasn’t event good….it’s was just kinda sad. Now, this didn’t stop me from watching it three times…

Those 90’s SNL guys will always have a soft spot in my heart…so I’ll sit through every Blended, Chuck and Larry, or Grown Ups 2, just for the chance of another Billy Madison, or Tommy Boy.

Honestly, from this trailer, it might be Sandler’s best in years. Foul mouthed Sandler and Spade…c’mon what’s not to like?

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