Trailer: October 30th: All Hallows Eve

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October 30th: All Hallows Eve screams out: I am a horror film, watch me now.

This trailer is what horror is all about, isn’t it? That evil lurking, unknown being or force out to get you. So viciously intriguing; that, like the cat we just can’t stop our curiosity from stopping the urge to open that door, turn around, or take that dare. All the time knowing pain and dread await us.

10424234_512474602214884_5877051408161722533_nOctober 30th : All Hallows Eve evokes this fear in me. The first of a trilogy; this small indie horror joint, written and directed by newbie Ryan Byrne, looks very promising. Shot in the surrounding area of Sault Sainte Marie, ON,(that’s Canada people), on a tight budget and young talent, Byrne appears to crafted a classic horror tale of dark spirits, mystery, and blood dripping screams.

Again, isn’t this what the horror genre is all about?

This humble reporter, will have a full review of this flick late in October. Byrne has graciously invited me to sneak preview sometime before Halloween, and I can’t wait. No word yet if you’ll be able to check this out on VOD; it is currently working the festival circuit.

An unhinged director leads an amateur film crew through his secluded childhood home in an effort to recreate the disturbing events of his past. Under the watchful eye of the director’s demented father the crew must uncover the family’s hideous secrets if they are to have any chance at survival.

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