Trailer: Monsters: Dark Continent

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“I’m not scared of the monsters.”

You might not me buddy, but I am.

Monsters: Dark Continent is the sequel to Gareth Edwards’s Monsters. Monsters, shot in 2010 on a peso budget, skeleton crew, and tight schedule went on to huge acclaim. It also landed Edwards “Godzilla”, (my favorite movie of the summer) and untitled Star Wars joint with Disney (and the all the fanboys say Boba Fett).

If you have not seen Monsters, like Jay-Z, I feel bad for you son. It’s fantastic. Catch it on Netflix. (Do it now!)

Dark Continent is set 10 years after the happenings of the original, and it appears that the Monsters have spread from the “Infected Zones” in central America. They are reeking havoc across the globe. The story follows four army recruits from Detroit (holla) Jar-heading-it in the middle east, where the Monsters have fortified. Like the first film political innuendoes will amass, and the villain might be darker and less alien than realized.

It really does look epic. Though Edward’s skilled hand is not directing, he is producing. Tom Green (Misfits, Blackout not that Tom Green) is in the big chair this go around. There is more action and Monsters this outing as well, like with Godzilla, Edwards kept his Monsters hidden in the original. This time out we get a heavy dose of military drama, on top of menacing monsters from another world; I just might have gotten the Hurt Locker meets Starship Trooper film of my dreams.

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No US or VOD release date yet. Hits the UK November 28th.

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