Trailer: The Lazarus Effect

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I’m excited for this movie, not because it stars the smoking hot Olivia Wilde or Pete (Mark Duplass) from The League.  Wait I think there was supposed to be another reason here.  Yes, it’s because the plot seems great, not like they recycled the plot of the movie Flatliners from 1990.  Mark Duplass would be lucky to follow the likes of Billy Baldwin, he goes from Flatliners to banging Sharon Stone (Sliver) then following around Bobby De Niro, and being Kurt Russell’s kid brother (Backdraft).  That was for you Army of Marcness.  All kidding aside I do dig the plot and also love the fact that this is a Blumhouse Production.  Feb. 27th can’t come fast enough, kind of like I did when seeing Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, or when I was waiting for the hype of Basic Instinct 2 to die, and by hype I meant my boner.  That’s 5 min of my life I want back, because I just watched the sex scenes.  Also the creepiness factor I felt watching the trailer for The Lazarus Effect was on the level of that last joke so you will be ready for the trailer.

Synopsis: A group of medical students discover a way to bring dead patients back to life.

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