Trailer For Warlords of Appalachia Is Filled With Bluegrass Goodness!

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A couple of weeks back I got my pizza greased cover fingers on a copy of Philip Kennedy Johnson’s Warlords of Appalachia. You can check the review out HERE, or you can just trust me when I say it’s badass! It’s one of those comics that reminds me why I read comics in the first place: So I can live vicariously through these awesome characters that do more than whine about how the Chinese carry-out place keep forgetting my extra plum sauce (It really makes the spring rolls!) and nothing is better than stumbling on to a new carry that does more than write negative reviews on Yelp about take-out restaurants. One of these characters is Kade Mercer, the main character from Warlords of Appalachia and all around ass-kicker. I added WoA to my pull list and can’t wait for issue 2. Check out the trailer below and stay tuned for my interview with writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson on an upcoming episode of the SJP podcast. 





After the New Confederacy is crushed in a second Civil War, only Kentucky holds out, not recognizing U.S. sovereignty.This leads to a particularly brutal crackdown in a small mountain town called Red Rock, where a mechanic and reluctant folk hero named Kade Mercer rises up to become the first feudal warlord of Appalachia.



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