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Trailer For Three Corpse Circus 2014

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At this point it’s clear that SJP is beyond excited for Three Corpse Circus. This enthusiasm  has a lot to do with the fact that we got to see a handful of the films playing at this year’s festivals. Over 40 films from 13 different countries! I can’t even name 13 countries… Wow, that’s really sad…  Fucking Michigan public schools! We might suck at educating chubby young nerds, but we have great taste in horror flicks! Case in point: the teaser trailer for  3CC .  It offers a glimpse of the mayhem they have in store for us. Also showcases some pretty badass music by none other than SJP’s own Justin Smith! Horror puppet shows, zombie walk and a film line up that will satisfy the most hardcore horror fan. Don’t believe me? Take a look below and head on over to to grab yourself tickets!


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