Trailer For Indigenous Looks All Sorts Of Awesome!!!

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Set to have its world premiere in a few weeks at Tribeca Film Festival is Alastair Orr’s Indigenous. While it reads like a typical horror flick, the trailer looks pretty damn intense. I got to admit I have a strange fascination with chupacabra  (google it and prepare to mildly entertained). It doesn’t seem like Orr is going for a small creature who sucks goats (again google is our friend), but a full-out, horrific creature flick. Keep checking back here for a review and release info. Until then enjoy the trailer.


A group of five American friends on the cusp of adulthood travel to Panama to relax and party amid the exotic paradise. Befriending a local woman in their hotel bar, they learn of a pristine waterfall nearby, but also of the ominous legend of a monster inhabiting the expanse of unexplored jungle just outside their resort. Ignoring the warnings, they convince the woman to guide them to the picturesque falls. What begins as an innocent outing quickly turns frightening when she suddenly goes missing. As night closes in, the friends realize too late the truth behind the rumors—the legendary, blood-sucking Chupacabra is now stalking them.