Trailer: It Follows

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I have been hearing great things about David Robert Mitchel’s It Follows. Generally I never trust a guy with 3 first names, but all the good stuff I’m hearing about this one I let it slide. Mitchel’s ( a Michigan native) first movie (The Myth of the American Sleepover) was a horror flick, but did tackle a lot of the same themes that seem to be present in It Follows; relationships, sexuality and sexually transmitted demonic possession… O.K. that last one was not even mentioned in MAS, but I’m sure that got your attention. What a crazy premise and I am in. Check out the trailer below, no official release date yet, but word is it’s going to be playing at Sundance 2015. Redford is really bringing in the best of the best with genre films lately. Let’s hope he continues with that trend.

 PLOT:  “After a romantic night out, a beautiful nineteen-year-old girl finds herself pursued by a legion of malevolent, lumbering phantoms that will pursue her forever — unless she passes the curse on to someone else.”-