Trailer: Atomic Eden

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Corey here:

When Fred “The Hammer” Williamson has a new movie in the can, the world better pay attention because if you don’t, he might just kick your ass. And he isn’t the only one who will. Director Nico Sentner has teamed the veteran badass with rising German action star Mike Möller (Arena of the Streetfighter). If that wasn’t enough, he invited the Snake Eater himself, Lorenzo Lamas along to command an army of 800 men. This thing has cult classic written all over it and the first trailer is out now. This film will premiere early next year so you might want to keep your eyes peeled, this thing could be a blast!

From the Official Facebook page:
A mercenary team that find themselves in a last stand scenario against an army of HAZMAT-wearing, trigger-happy madmen during a mysterious mission in Chernobyl. 8 against 800, they just couldn’t lose.

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