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Trailer: ’71

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Duff here…

Jack O’Connell is on the cusp of being a big star. Everything you hear about this chap is spot on. On Christmas day get our first taste of him in the Angela Jolie helmed and much talked about “Unbroken”.

In February, he emerges in “’71”, a suspenseful drama set during the height of the Belfast troubles. Again, he plays a young soldier caught behind “enemy” lines. The film also stars “Peaky Blinders” alum Paul Anderson. It’s directed by first timer Yann Demange, who has already picked up a British Independent Film Award for his work. And early reviews have been impressive.

Are you guys on board? What do you think of the trailer, let us know!

From Roadside:

’71 takes place over a single night in the life of a young British soldier (Jack O’Connell) accidentally abandoned by his unit following a riot on the streets of Belfast in 1971. Unable to tell friend from foe, and increasingly wary of his own comrades, he must survive the night alone and find his way to safety through a disorientating, alien and deadly landscape.