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Cable and X-Force
Writer- Dennis Hopeless
Pencils- Salvador Larroca

This issue definitely lacks all of the action that the previous issues have seen, but it makes up for it getting a little more in-depth with one of the series’ characters. In this issue, that character is Colossus. Taking a page from Speedball/ Penance after the events of Civil War, Colossus finds himself feeling at fault for the way things went down in AvX and previous issues of this series. It’s definitely worth a buy if you’re a fan of the X-Men or a Colossus enthusiast. However, I’m getting a little tired of the Marvel Now books ending with the Cyclops cliffhanger. Seriously, two in one week?! [For the second, check out modern Cyclops’ appearance in All New X-Men #9]

The Private Eye #1
Writer- Brian K. Vaughan
Pencils- Marcos Martin

THE CLOUD HAS EXPLODED! All of your private pictures, videos, and text messages have publically leaked and now anyone can see your dirty little secrets. What’s this mean? Well, BKV and Marcos Martin are going to tell you in this finely tuned comic available at for the price of… Well, whatever the Hell you wanna pay for it! Just make sure it’s charitable enough to keep the comic going! (Suggested price is .99 cents)

Constantine #1
Writer- Jeff Lemire & Guy Fawkes
Pencils- Renato Guedes

The wait is over! Constantine has officially planted his roots in the DC Universe’s soil with his very own series. Yeah, that joke may have made more sense when Swamp Thing got his own New 52 series… Shut up! Anyways, this issue is exactly what I expected and everything I hoped for in bringing the Hellblazer to the mainstream DC Universe. It’s pretty ballsy for Lemire and Fawkes to have Constantine kill a dude in the first issue. And by “kill a dude” I mean, “show that Constantine is selfish enough to not save him and instead carry on and do what he needs to do to get by.” But hey, I’m glad that they are sticking with the same type of con man aesthetics that made Hellblazer work so well on Vertigo. This issue definitely has me excited to see where this creative team is going to take Constantine in future issues. Hopefully they don’t can it after 10 issues and cause us to lose Constantine forever.

Judge Dredd: Year One #1
Writer- Matt Smith
Pencils- Simon Coleby

While I’m not a huge Dredd fan, I do appreciate a good origin story. While that’s not what you necessarily get here, at least not in the conventional style, it’s still an interesting story that leaves you wanting more after the first issue. Mega City-One is seeing a lot of psychic activity and it’s up to Dredd to get to the bottom of this. I believe that how he does this, and the events of this miniseries will show us how he becomes the Judge Dredd we all know and love today. Plus, its always fun to read Dredd books like Sylvester Stallone was narrating it to you. “I AM THE LAW!”

Captain America #5
Writer- Rick Remender
Pencils- John Romita Jr.

I had mixed emotions when I first heard who the creative team for this book was going to be. While I’m a huge fan of Remender’s work, Romita is hit or miss for me. But after a few issues I can say that Romita knows what he is doing on this book, and the two of them together make this one of the best Marvel Now series out right now. The landscapes and detail that were lacking in some of Romita’s past works are just that… A thing of the past. As for the story, how can anyone not like this concept? Captain America- a symbol of hope and pride in the American way is trapped inside of an alternate dimension where being that symbol doesn’t matter. All that matters is his training and lessons from his past when he is forced to care for the son of one of his deadliest foes, Arnim Zola. This series is a must read for both Cap fans and science fiction fans alike.

Chew #32
Writer- John Layman
Pencils- Rob Guillory

Speaking of GREAT art and an awesome concept, a new issue of Chew has hit the shelves this week and I can’t speak highly enough about this book. With details and Easter eggs stuffed in each issue, this is the ultimate comic book for comic enthusiasts. In this issue, we see Colby put two and two together to find out that Caesar is in fact working with Mason Savoy, and Tony comes back with a vengeance by taking out a group of egg worshippers using his Cybopathic skills to find out that the leader of the group is a tortaespadero, meaning the leader can turn tortillas into bladed weaponry. Tony also reconnects with his daughter, Olive, and takes his boss down a peg or two by telling him to fuck off. My personal highlight for this issue, as well as the header image of this article, is the panel of Olive that shows The Walking Dead creator, Robert Kirkman’s face superimposed onto a ripped model’s body. Just don’t let that distract you from noticing what Olive is practicing while on the phone with her father!

Saga #11
Writer- Brian K. Vaughan
Pencils- Fiona Staples

Saga is an emotional rollercoaster in comic book form. Last issue left off with the supposed demise of the Lying Cat. While this issue debunks that, it also jolts you with the actual loss of a fairly important character. Marko’s father (Barr) dies while casting a spell to keep the ship from tearing apart while it’s hurdling through space. While his efforts aren’t in vain, and he actually keeps everyone from dying, the amount of willpower taken to keep the ship stitched together stops his heart. His final panels in this issue will definitely play with your emotions. But, at least the issue starts off with a decent amount of humor and vulgarities, right? That’s enough to ease the pain, which makes Saga easily one of the best comics to come out in the past couple years.