Top Comics (last week)

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Guardians of the Galaxy #1
Writer- Brian Michael Bendis
Pencils- Steve McNiven

When I first heard McNiven was going to be handling the art for the first arc of GOTG, I was super excited. Now that it’s out and I’ve read it (a couple times), I have to say that I’m pretty impressed with how good it is. I thought they’d just put some garbage out to get people interested for the upcoming movie, but with this creative team, how could I expect garbage? It’s pretty action packed, with a few pages showing the Guardians taking on the Badoon, and Bendis has even created his own cosmic swear word for Rocket Racoon to throw around. Go buy this krutacking coming right now!

Age of Ultron #3
Writer- Brian Michael Bendis
Pencils- Bryan Hitch

While we aren’t too certain of how Ultron took over the world, we are certain that the heroes finally have a plan to take it back. Whether or not that plan is going to work is a whole other question in itself. Acting on a hunch from Spider-Man’s past run in with some badguys, the heroes send Luke Cage into Ultron’s headquarters to barter with the mechanical mastermind, using She-Hulk as fake bait. However, to the surprise of readers everywhere, Cage finds out that it isn’t Ultron who is behind it all and that it’s actually Vision. This is a serious plot twist, but is it enough to make the overall story worthwhile when it is all over and done with? Time will tell, I suppose. Bring on Gaiman to wrap it all up in a pretty little bow!

Red Team #2
Writer- Garth Ennis
Pencils- Craig Cermak

Continuing on the same style of narration as the first issue, Red Team #2 unfolds behind the words of the female of the team, Detective Giroux, as she explains the rules behind their actions when they aren’t police. This book is a Ennis at his best and reads more like a novel rather than a comic book. Sometimes that’s a bad thing, but when you have someone like Garth Ennis as a writer, it works well. The art is done incredibly well, especially when it comes to capturing emotions on the characters faces, or when dealing with certain members of the Red Team, their lack of emotions. Either way, I’m excited for this story to finish so I can sit down and take it all in as a trade paperback.

Powers Bureau #3
Writer- Brian Michael Bendis
Pencils- Michael Avon Oeming

Bendis sure can write a comic, right? Three comics on my top list in one week? That’s pretty good. But what’s even better than his work with Marvel superheroes? His work with his creator owned superheroes! Powers flew onto my radar a few years back, and I’ve become a huge fan since then. Bureau is a great reason why. Only three issues in and we have already seen someone knocking up people with superhero sperm, a ton of foul language from Pilgrim, and now we get to see Walker go undercover… AS HIMSELF! If you’ve read any of the Powers series, and haven’t picked up any of the new series, make sure to grab this issue to see Walker take out a superpowered prostitute on the last few pages!

Thunderbolts #7
Writer- Daniel Way
Pencils- Phil Noto

Now that Phil Noto is on art duties for this comic, I can finally sit back and enjoy the splendor that is Thunderbolts! I didn’t hate Dillon’s work, I am just a much bigger fan of Noto, since his work on Uncanny X-Force with Remender. This team seems like its only a matter of time before they explode in an all-out war amongst themselves, and I dig it.

Batman, Incorporated #9
Writer- Grant Morrison
Pencils- Chris Burnham & Jason Masters

This issue opens with a bruised and beaten Bruce Wayne carrying Damian’s casket with the help of Alfred, Dick Grayson, and Timothy Drake. The rest of the comic splits between the funeral scene and the fight with Talia’s forces, the Leviathan, at Wayne Enterprise. At the funeral, Bruce lays partial blame on Alfred for letting Damian join the fight and tells him to take a long vacation, while the scene at Wayne Enterprise shows Batman Inc retreat after Damian falls in battle. After that, the Gotham City Police ban Batman and all associated branding from the streets of Gotham, leaving Batman Inc to go underground before the Leviathan  “brings Gotham to it’s knees.” Back in the Batcave, Batman marks Damian Wayne as deceased, pets the Bat-Cow and mourns the loss of his son.