Top 5 Retro Comedies Everyone Should Watch

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What is your best way to spend a Friday night? What would you rather do after a hard, nervous working week, when you are exhausted from deadlines, annoyed with irritating colleagues? Watching a classic hilarious movie due to Marry Brides, is probably the most appropriate option for those who wish to distract from problems.

Here are the top 6 cult and exemplary movies of this delicate and complicated genre. To tell the truth, it absolutely doesn’t matter on which day you decide to watch it.  However, if you are looking for ideas to have some fun at the weekend, consider the following suggestions!

The Kid (1921)

One of the greatest silent movies of all time is directed by and starring the greatest actor of all time Charlie Chaplin. This is a terrifically funny and at the same time extremely touching story about The Tramp who accidentally finds a newborn baby boy in the street abandoned by his mother. Chaplin’s character has to adopt The Child…

Five years later the orphan and his so-called father live in the city slums, make their living by fraud and it seems they are absolutely happy… until the day they’re separated.

The Seven-Year Itch (1955)

When we mention a classic, the person of Billy Wilder is hard to ignore. The legendary producer and director made an exceptional contribution to the world cinema. The collaboration with another XX-century icon Marilyn Monroe made his movies more popular. ‘Some Like It Hot’ is definitely a masterpiece. Nevertheless, let us pay attention to another picture.

The plot of ‘The seven-year itch’ is less extravagant; however, it doesn’t minimize its amusement. Middle-aged, faithful family man Richard Sherman is going through a mid-life crisis. His wife and son are gone on vacation. Suddenly he meets a stunning blonde-haired girl who rents an apartment upstairs. “Tortured” by seven years of happy marriage Richard’s imagination pictures the hilarious scenes of winning cutie’s heart.

This classic story about temptation, family ties, and faithfulness features… the iconic blowing of Marilyn’s skirt!

Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb (1964)

The only comedy of ingenious Stanley Kubrick was created on the wave of the Red Scare in times of the Cold War. It satirizes the reckless conflict between two superpowers.

Obsessed with an idea of the Soviet threats, the USA Air Force general Jack D. Ripper orders to strike the USSR. Meanwhile, in Pentagon, the President with the group of other officers and an eccentric former Nazi Dr. Strangelove actively discuss the ways of stopping the upcoming nuclear war. However, Ripper takes all the radio receivers on the military base and orders the crew of the bomber to turn off the communicators.

Kubrick brilliantly satirized the bunch of idiotic politicians, giving them ambiguous burlesque names and adding the first-class black humor.

Young Frankenstein (1974)

The master of comedy Mel Brooks gave us a dozen of perfect parodies: Hitchcock’s thrillers, westerns, science fiction, silent movies. “Young Frankenstein” makes fun of classical black-and-white adaptations of Mary Shelley’s novel. It tells the story about Victor Frankenstein’s grandson Frederick who inherited family’s estate in Transylvania.

There he meets a silly and negligent assistant Igor, gloomy lover of his grandfather Frau Blücher, and a hot blonde Inga. Later, he discovered the old notes of a crazy scientist and reanimated the dead man. Unfortunately, with the help of careless Igor, Frederick transplants “abnormal” brain into The Creature.

The Blues Brothers (1980)

The iconic musical film starring Dan Aykroyd, John Belushi, and many legendary soul and R&B artists: Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, James Brown and many others.

Two musicians try to raise $5,000 for the orphanage and reunite famous blues bands for the upcoming performance.  This pure and harmless plan turns into a massive bacchanalia with neo-Nazis, a mysterious lady with heavy weapons, police chases, explosions, fights in Rednecks bar, and numerous songs and dances!

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