Top 12 Movie Drinking Games!

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Happy Slack-Punktricks Day! I mean St. Patrick’s Day. In honor of this holiday I’ve decided to provide a list to go along with the drunken shenanigans. I’ve decided to change it up a little and let you decide the order of these films. Not that you need any help getting drunk but, here is some help in case you need it as I provide you my top 12 movie drinking games. So celebrate in style and try not to piss yourself.


The Shining

– Room 237 is shown or mentioned
– Tony is referenced
– A titlecard is used
– Jack’s writing is shown or mentioned
– The weather is referenced
– Anyone says “Torrance”



Put as many character names into a hat as there are players. Pick a character and then…

Drink Every Time…

– Your character swears

Reservoir Dogs

– Someone says a color
– Someone says “diamonds”
– Someone says “fuck” or any form of the word
– Someone smokes

The Ensemble Challenge: Write down all the names of the characters on slips of paper. Pick a name out of a hat. Whenever someone says the name of your character, take three drinks. Whenever your character dies, kill your beer and draw another name from the hat. Take a drink if your character swears, smokes, or drinks.

Indiana Jones

– The Paramount logo match cuts into something
– Indy reaches for his gun. Take another drink if his gun isn’t there;
– Indy nearly loses his hat, whip or other accessory
– The whip is used
– Indy’s progress across the world is shown on a map
– There’s a genuine moment of archaeology
– A mythic artefact is found
– Denholm Elliott is seen
– A foreign language is subtitled
– Indy gets punched
– Indy gets chased
– A snake is seen
– The Raiders fanfare is heard


Lord of the rings

– Someone drinks anything. If it’s a Hobbit, drink twice; if it’s Gimli, three times. If Gimli belches afterward, drink the whole bottle.
– Someone eats anything. If it’s a Hobbit, twice. If it’s an Orc eating entrails, take a third drink.
– A Hobbit talks about food.
– Frodo says “Oh, Sam!”
– Aragorn and Boromir have an argument.
– Someone looks all mopey and angst-ridden. If it’s Frodo, drink again.
– A Black Rider appears.
– We see someone’s filthy, chewed-up fingernails.
– Someone sings a song.
– You can tell the camera was mounted on a helicopter.
– Someone draws a sword.
– Pippin acts like an idiot.
– Legolas looks fabulous.
– Frodo’s eyes roll back into his head.
– Gollum hacks up a “gollum! gollum!”
– Someone or something is called “precious.”
– Someone consults a map. –

Die hard

– Anyone uses a radio or walkie-talkie to communicate.
– McClane argues or disagrees with a cop.
– There’s a Christmas reference.
– McClane talks to himself.
– Anyone calls another character “dickhead” or “asshole”.
– McClane is in an elevator shaft.
– There’s an explosion.
– McClane says “motherfucker”.
– McClane takes out a bad guy
– McClane bleeds


Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

– You see an American flag;
– Johnny Depp replaces the cigarette in his cigarette holder;
– Someone takes a drink
– Someone smokes something
– Someone snorts something
– Someone eats something
– You see drugs of any kind


Leaving Las Vegas

– Elvis is mentioned or referenced;
– Nic is having a bad hair day;
– Nic suddenly starts shouting; – Nic goes boggle-eyed;
– Nic fires a gun; – Nic is shot in slo-mo;
– The word “Man” or “Men” appears on-screen;

Finish The Bottle If… Nic punches a woman while wearing a bear costume. You’re gonna need it.


Donnie Darko

– The camera speeds up the film’s actions
– Anyone says “Darko” – Grandma Death is shown or mentioned
– Frank is shown or mentioned – Time travel is referenced
– Therapy is shown or mentioned


The Big Lebowski

– The Dude smokes pot
– Walter mentions Vietnam
– Donny says dude
– Someone bowls a strike
– You see George Bush
– The Dude drinks a White Russian
– The Dude wears Jellies
– There’s a weapon on-screen
– Walter says Shomer Shabbas
– Walter says “Shut the fuck up, Donnie!”
– The Dude is a passenger in a car
– Flea is in the picture
– Song on soundtrack starts
– The Dude puts on sunglasses
– Someone says gold bricker

Dazed and Confused (1993)

Dazed and Confused

– Someone is paddled
– There’s reference to a “sixer”
– Slater says “fuck” and “wasted” in the same sentence
– Someone says “Shotgun”
– Someone in the movie drinks
– Someone talks about, sells, buys, smokes, or refers to marijuana
– Someone gives Randy “Pink” the drug-free pledge paper
– Mitch rubs his nose


District 9

– Something explodes
– Someone is interviewed
– The video format changes
– Someone (or something) is shot
– You see static
– You see slime
– You see a gun
– You see cat food
– You see cat food
– Someone says “prawn”
– double if it’s “fookin’ prawn”
– Someone says “district”
– Someone says something in the alien language

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