Top 10 Comics Of 2015 – Duff’s Picks!

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I need to start by saying these are my favorites of the year, I hope your list would differ. In compiling my top ten list, I go by one simple rule-what books did I enjoy the most. That’s it!

Here’s some examples of some the books that almost made the list; Bloodshot, Constantine, Rasputin, Scarlett Couture, Back To The Future, Monster Motors, Gotham Academy, DC Bombshells, Transformers Redemption, Johnny Red, Star Trek/Planet of Apes, Conan/Red Sonja and Star Wars.

Ok so here’s my list…

10. Judge Dredd Mega City Zero

Ulises Farinas, Erick Freitas, Dan McDaid/IDW
Honestly, I was shocked this book was so good, even told the authors that when I interviewed them. Mega City Zero is just so full of potential and that’s why it’s here.

9. Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas

Troy Little/ IDW

This graphic novel adaption of Hunter S. Thompson’s stellar work by Troy Little is nothing short of magic.

8. The Fade Out

Ed Brubaker, Sean Phillips, Elizabeth Breitweiser/Image
Each issue blows me away. This title transcends comics, it’s noir pulp masterpiece. Brubaker and Phillips are on another level.

7. Wytches

Scott Synder, Jock/Image

A Scott Synder title has to be on everyone’s Top Ten list. Wytches has been frightening since 2014 and still can’t put it down. Freaky Stuff.

6. TIE: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina/ The Afterlife With Archie

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa,Francesco Francavilla, Robert Hack/Archie

Speaking of freaky…I love both these titles. Archie raised the bar on the reinventing characters with these. If Afterlife put out more than two issues a year it’d be higher up the list.

5. The Valiant

Jeff Lemire, Matt Kindt, Paolo Rivera/Valiant
THE-VALIANT_004_VARIANT_FRANCAVILLAI know most people put Book of Death on their best of list, but without The Valiant none of it would’ve happened. Also it set up Bloodshot to be one of the most complex characters of 2015 (Bloodshot almost made the list)

4. Dark Knight III : The Master Race

Frank Miller, Brian Azzarello, Andy Kubert, Klaus Janson/DC

I’m in the camp that says when Frank Miller puts his name to a comic you read it; it’s an event. Two issues I’m not sure where it’s going but glad I’m a long for the ride.

3. Squarriors

Ash Maczko, Ashley Witter/Devil’s Due

This is a just beautiful experience! Epic vision and breathtaking art—don’t skip this title.

2. Ghostbuster’s Get Real

Erik Burnham, Dan Schoening, Luis Del Gagdo/ IDW
Ghostbusters Get Real

I’ve all been a fan of IDW’s Ghostbuster’s but this is the cat’s meow! Just a total delight to read.

1. Huck

Mark Millar, Rafael Albuquerque/Image

Mark Millar always puts out good stuff, but with Huck he gave us a new Superman.  A hero who doesn’t want to be a one but just want’s to do good. With all the trouble of our modern world-he’s just the hero we need.

Like I said there’s just so many good titles out there now–it’s hard to pick just ten. Let me know what you’re top ten was in the comments below!

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