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Duff here…

This week Titan Comics releases two oldie by goodies in the graphic novel department: Black Dragon and The Complete Johnny Nemo! Both are beautiful collections of stellar series. Titan is really crushing it with graphic novels this month, already releasing THE RAGE VOL. 1: ZOMBIE GENERATION early this month. The Rage is amazing by the way!

I’m currently about 30 pages deep in Black Dragon, and am really digging it. If you like medieval
this is your cup of mead. I mean it’s written by Chris Claremont!

I’ve thumbed through Johnny Nemo, and looks awesome. I know to some he’s a hugely important character, and I’m relishing the opportunity to introduce myself to him.

Both are out today! Pick ’em up.

By Chris Claremont and John Bolton


For the first time in color comes a classic collection from Chris Claremont (Spider-Woman, Fantastic Four, Excalibur, Wolverine) and John Bolton (Books of Magic, Evil Dead: Army of Darkness), the acclaimed creators of Marada the She–Wolf!

This thrilling mix of swordplay and mythological terror finds exiled knight James Dunrith – the Black Dragon – banished for nercromancy and heresy. He returns home to find England in turmoil and is recruited by the beautiful Eleanor of Aquitaine to rally the powers of Nature against a ghastly tide of evil!

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JohnnyNemo_Cover.jpg.size-600THE COMPLETE JOHNNY NEMO
By Peter Milligan and Brett Ewins


New London of 2921 is a crowded, filthy slime-pit awash with Death-Juice junkies, Latin-spouting armored fascists, exploding nuns and a religious cult who worship Bing Crosby’s left testicle. It’s also home to ultra-violent, foul-mouthed private eye Johnny Nemo – a streetwise PI who deals in death… and simple solutions to complex problems!

This classic, remastered collection features never-before-seen art and is the crowning glory of award-winning writer, Peter Milligan (All-New Doop, Hellblazer, Shadowman) and artist Brett Ewins (Bad Company, Skreemer).

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