The Tusk Trailer Provides Ample Reasons Why I Love Kevin Smith

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Kevin Smith is huge (no fat pun intended, but kinda glad it worked out that way…) reason I fell in love with the world of movies. He was the first person I knew of to mix comic books into the adult world (Mallrats). Up until that point I had always assumed a day would come when I would leave my comics behind, learn to bathe regularly and find a soul crushing job I would work day in and day out until I die of a massive heart attack brought on by a high caloric diet I would use as substitution for affection and love I no longer receive from a partner I got pregnant after clumsily trying to figure out which hole to put it in…. Wow  that went down a dark path… Back to Kevin Smith.

Smith had me hooked as a preteen and I would follow his career through all its forms: Movie, comic books, stand-up and most recently podcast. Not all of these ventures would prove to be amazing, but Smith would pour his heart into each project and was always able to appeal to the fanboy inside me with his films. Most of which are regularly watch in my house to date (AND Yes. My wife loves Jersey Girl so that is included). Smith had publicly retired from movies back in 2011 after his last film Red State was released and decided to focus his time into podcasting . It was sad news to hear, especially when you take into account that Red State was Smith’s best film to date. Relevant, dark, brutal and at times funny, Smith had shown he still had some tricks up his sleeve as a film maker. Red State helped to wash out the bad taste that Cop Out had left in my mouth (Cheap joke. I didn’t hate Cop Out…. that much). I was sad to see Silent Bob leave the cinematic world. At least I still had him weekly jabbering on about masturbation with plastic vaginas and other very important topics.

When Smith announced (on his Smodcast podcast he does weekly with producing partner/BFF Scott Moiser) that he was going forward with a film about a mad man obsessed with turning a human into a walrus, I was excited as hell. A movie like that sounds nuttier than squirrel shit and if done how he approached Red State we could have a damn cool horror film. After a successful Twitter campaign (which Smith had his listeners tweet #WalrusYes if they wanted him to make this film) Smith began production on Tusk. Fast forward several months and we are less than a month away from seeing the flick on the big screen. Judging by the trailer Smith has taken what he did with Red State and smacked it with the crazy stick! The Tusk trailer showcases everything I have grown to love about Smith’s films original content, Michael Parks and walrus penis humor. Yup Tusk is gearing up to be a hell of a time. Take a look below and be sure to say #WalrusYes on Sept 19th!

PLOT:A man is captured by a maniac and tortured, physically and mentally, into becoming a walrus.


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