The Goon’s Eric Powell Gets In Big Trouble…

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If this turns out to be a prank or some kind of nerdy Saw/Jigsaw trap I might need to be put on 72 hour suicide watch. Today Eric Powell ( The Goon comic) posted a teaser of new book he’s working on  and it’s got me so excited I’m scared if I say it out loud it won’t happen. Fans of  John Carpenter and Kurt Russell ( Yes, I believe there is more than 10 of us!) will instantly recognize the “iconic” tank top and buck knife as those of wise crackin’ Jack Burton (played to perfection by Russell) from Big Trouble In Little China. Powell doesn’t give much ( or any) details other than Boom! Studios will release more info later this week. As of now I have not heard back from Boom!, but judging by the picture (below) I think it’s safe to assume this happening! Check the pic out and tell us what you think.





I couldn’t help it. My excitement level is through the roof. If you are like me you’ll be re-watching Big Trouble in Little Trouble in gross anticipation for this!

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