Comic Book Review: The Autumn Land: Tooth and Claw Volume 1

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It’s about anthropomorphic animals doing things that they normally wouldn’t do…like Bub.

Our story begins in the land of Keneil, one of the Seventeen Cities Above the Plain, whatever that means. We see Dunstan he’s an anthropomorphic dog and he’s doing things that only people do! Like praying and talking to anthropomorphic buffalo: his name is Seven-Scars and if you can’t guess why it’s his name then you need to rethink reading this. Apparently lesser beings such as Seven-Scars serve the higher ups and the higher ups server the Gods. There are also wizards that are animals doing people things like drinking and talking about how magic is slowly fading…according to the great anthropomorphic warthog; Gharta, and the only person who can save the entire civilization is the Great Champion! But, since it happened long ago…magic can’t reach back in time..can it? Yes it can! And that’s exactly what’s going to happen!

The Autumn Land: Tooth and Claw is a well kept up story, Kurt Busiek writes a unique story about a world full of interestingly designed anthropomorphic animals all drawn by Benjamin Dewey. Literally this entire series is just plan interesting, and that’s all I can say about this book.