TERMINUS Drops January 22nd on VOD!

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For yours truly, death by alien organism attached to asteroid is one of my top 10 fears. For the record, I’m also scared of snakes, heights, and drowning in the bath tub. Will these crippling fears keep this future agoraphobic from catching TERMINUS, no, because I can watch it on VOD. You’re move alien death rock!


Blinded by the light of a falling meteor, David has a devastating car accident, leading to a profound discovery: an extra-terrestrial organism that may contain the secret of life itself. When David goes missing for two days, Annabelle searches for her father only to discover him wandering the forest, without so much as a scratch. David’s mysterious reappearance draws the attention of federal authorities and gives Annabelle reason to doubt his sanity. But David has a new sense of purpose, fueled by nightmarish visions. Driven by what he believes is an otherworldly purpose, David must convince Annabelle to believe him and complete his task before government agents can stop him, and before the world destroys itself.


Theatrical & VOD Release Date: January 22, 2016
Directed by: Marc Furmie
Written by: Marc Furmie, Shiyan Zheng, Gabriel Dowrick
Starring: Jai Koutrae, Kendra Appleton, Bren Foster and Todd Lasance
Running Time: 85 minutes

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