Talking To Aaron Poole In A Comic Book Shop Basement!

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This past Friday we screened the best horror flick to come out this year: The Void. I am adding no hyperbole when I say best of the year. I don’t think I’ve had better time watching movie than I have with The Void. You can check out my full review of The Void.  When Green Brain Comics (the best damn comic shop in Michigan!) approached us to host a movie night, we didn’t have to think long before we knew which movie it would be. Helping spread the word of a tense and horrific flick like The Void, felt… right. Like we are doing the Lord’s work. Spreading the gospel of The Void! And spread we did. As it turns out must of the people who attended had yet to see The Void and after the screening it was a resounding agreement: The Void kicked ass! Watching the movie with a group of horror fans who appreciate horror flicks dripping with practical effect demons, doing horrific things to people is the BEST way to take in this flick!

To make the night that much better, the star of the movie Aaron Poole was cool enough to agree to a live Q&A after the screening (or as Mr. Poole dubbed it: Comic Shop Fight Club!).  The Q&A was great and Poole was open and offered great insight into making the movie and working with amazing practical effects. Seriously, this guy could not have been any cooler. Always great when an actor is a nice guy on top of everything else. Stay tuned for the full Q&A on the SJP podcast. The night capped off with giveaways donated from Detroit Beard Collective. So damn cool of them. Although, these guys may have a serious Funko Pop addiction and may require an intervention soon. Whatever the case, it was a great way to end a damn cool night. Stay tuned for details on SJP’s next screening and until then check out the pics from the night below and our interview with the directors Jeremy Gillsepie and Steven Kostanski.

The Void hit Blu-Ray tomorrow May 23rd exclusively from DiabolikDVD 

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