Takashi Miike’s Yakuza Apocalypse Promises: Yakuza, Vampires and Frog Ass Kicking!

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Takashi Miike is the world’s ballsiest film maker. The man has no fear when it comes to his movies and that goes both ways. He’s not afraid of being super weird with an ocean of gore, but also knows how to make a damn entertaining family film. The man has range. Add on top of this creative madman the producers of The Raid & The Raid 2 and you get Yakuza Apocalypse. A vampire, yakuza gangster, frog ass kicking flick. That alone should get everyone excited. Legendary Pictures is released Yakuza Apocalypse in theaters on Oct 9th. Until then check out the trailer below and tell us your favorite Miike moment in the comments below!



PLOT: In the ruthless underground world of the yakuza, no one is more legendary than boss Kamiura. Rumored to be invincible, the truth is he is a vampire-a bloodsucking yakuza vampire boss! Among Kamiura’s gang is Kageyama, his most loyal underling. However, the others in the gang view Kageyama with disdain and ridicule him for his inability to get tattooed due to sensitive skin. One day, assassins aware of boss Kamiura’s secret arrive from abroad and deliver him an ultimatum: Return to the international syndicate he left years ago, or die. Kamiura refuses and, during a fierce battle with anime-otaku martial-arts expert Kyoken, is torn limb from limb. With his dying breath, Kamiura bites Kageyama, passing on his vampire powers to the unsuspecting yakuza. As he begins to awaken to his newfound abilities, Kageyama’s desire to avenge the murder of boss Kamiura sets him on a course for a violent confrontation with Kaeru-kun, the foreign syndicate’s mysterious and seemingly unstoppable leader! – IMDB

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