T.V. REVIEW: Ash vs Evil Dead Ep.2: Bait

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For once the internet has agreed on something besides Kim Kardashian having a huge backside; The Ash vs Evil Dead Pilot was amazing. Nerds have unanimously agreed to this and I am happily part of the herd. Nothing has filled me with more joy than seeing Bruce Campbell back as Ash in all his chainsaw handed glory. The chin is back and I am basking in all that gorey goodness. Sadly, after the initial excitement during the pilot episode began to wane, my nervousness for episode 2 began to increase. How could anyone possible keep this amount of insane carnage flowing with such gleefulness? Would Michael J.Basset (director of episode 2) be able to keep this momentum rolling and match what Raimi has set up?  These questions raced through my head as I sat down and hit play. 8 minutes into the episode I not only had my faith in the episode reaffirmed, but my faith in the series is now concrete. Something about watching Ash continuously plunge a broken bottle into a deadites neck as gallons of blood pour on to him that made me feel not just secure in deep cable programming, but my life in general. It’s the little things in life people!

Picking up right where we left out heroes, Kelly (Dana Delorenzo) splits with the necronomicon to save her parents and Ash and Pablo are right on her heels.Turns out the Kelly’s mom (Mimi Rogers) isn’t a reanimated deadite, but has been suffering from amnesia and recently regained her memory. Yeah, if your calling bullshit, don’t worry so is Ash. He is a a hardened deadite killing machine and when something is too good to be true, he knows its probably possessed by an unholy spawn of hell and is trying to swallow your soul! Luckily he has his chainsaw and trusty boomstick and has no problem helping this family reunite… or be dismembered…

‘Bait’ does not skip a beat and is able to keep with the pace set by Raimi in the pilot episode. Michael J. Basset is no stranger to genre flicks and definitely knows how to balance his gore, slapstick and creepiness. Basset sets the tone perfectly and the cast has no problem matching this energy. Guest star Mimi Rogers, delivers one of the most terrifying deadite performances ever and even gives us a rendition  of “Hush Little Baby” that will make your skin crawl and long time ED2 fans crack a smile. Hats off to Dana Delorenzo for dropping some damn nice dramatic moments in between the gore and one liners. She’s proving she’s going to be more than just the eye candy in the series and has the chops to balance the campiness.

I don’t believe I will ever get sick of watching Ashley J. Williams slice up deadites. Especially when it’s as grotesque and badass as how he did it to Mimi Roger’s character in Bait. All this greatness aside, I’m still left with a few questions. The subplot involving Detective Fischer (Jill Marie Jones) has yet to fully flesh out and I’m kept wondering how it will come full circle. Also not entirely sure how Lucy Lawless plays into everything. She had zero camera time and only a brief glimpse in the first episode, yet is still getting top billing. Fortunately, we have 8 more episodes to go and I am more than happy to find out.



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