T.V. REVIEW: Ash Vs Evil Dead Ep.5: The Host

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We are now at the half way point of the series! This signifies two things: 1) That the season is half way over (Derrrr!) and 2) My initial fanboy enthusiasm goggles are clearing up. That doesn’t mean that I no longer care about the series or am not getting excited for every Saturday night. No, Ash Vs Evil Dead is still the greatest thing the T.V. Gods have ever blessed us with. Much like pizza I will always love Ash, but when I say my enthusiasm is clearing up I’m referring to my new ability to look at this series clearly. It’s much like month number 8 of a new relationship. At first everything your partner did was new and exciting, but now every time he farts under the covers and pulls them over her  head she gets super mad and threatens to burn my comic book collection that I have been building since I was 13…. I don’t care what she says it’s still funny and I refuse to go to couples counseling!!! Sorry… Er… Um…. I forget where I was going with this one, but I do know that this latest episode of AvE was the weakest episode yet. Much like pizza; It’s still the greatest thing ever! And that also marks my 113th pizza reference since starting this site!!! Today is a good day.


Kelly, Pablo and Brujo are now convinced Ash is possessed. This is largely due to a combination of hallucinogens, misunderstandings and Kelly, who is in fact possessed by a deadite. With Ash bound and gagged, Brujo goes to work trying to exorcise the deadites out of Ash. This of course gives ample time for a possessed Kelly to cozy up with Pablo and try her best to swallow his soul! Horrible ED puns aside (I promise to stop), possessed Kelly is offering Pablo a one way ticket out of the “friend zone” and he is more than willing to board that train. Fortunately, Ash is able to convince Brujo that he is not possessed and Kelly has come down with a mean case of deaditis (Ok, I lied). Now it’s up to the guys to save Kelly’s soul and it’s Ash so we know he’s doing this the only way he knows how: Full Metal Ash (I know that one doesn’t even make sense… I’ll really stop now…).


It’s safe to say this episode is a “filler episode”. Not that there is anything wrong with the episode. We get Ash kicking ass, deadites, crazy gore and laughs. But as far as story goes we see nothing new. Ruby (Lucy Lawless) and Detective Fisher (Jill Marie Jones) are still on our heroes tail, but at this point their scenes (averaging one per episode) serve as nothing more than to remind us that they still exist. Their scenes offer no depth or development of the characters. I will say that having Ash’s severed hand (from Evil Dead II) leading them is awesome as all hell, but I would like to see more from these characters and hope the pay off is worth the wait!

At the half way point and I’m still excited for the series, even though it’s not the strongest episode. The show does end with Ash getting a new hand. The new hand is very reminiscent of the Army of Darkness chainmail hand. Only this time it is made out of a video game controller glove, so it sounding like a robot hand actually makes sense. It also got me excited to see Ash, as he put it himself, “I’m gonna shove this right up some Deadite’s ass!”. Cannot wait!

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