T.V. REVIEW: Ash Vs Evil Dead Ep3: Books From Beyond

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And the hits keep coming! Who would have thought a series about a one line spout, chainsaw handed demon fighter could be this engaging? Continuing a series that ended almost 20 years ago can’t be that easy. But, Raimi and Co are making it look nothing but. Bruce Campbell is knocking it out of the park and the series has all the energy and mayhem of a 20-year-old film maker. If not more. It’s almost to good to believe. We are now at point were my confidence in the Ash Vs Evil Dead is so high that I am beginning to fear the worse. No way this series can keep this up, right!?!


Hot on their heels is the mysterious women (Lucy Lawless) who is yet to be named. Not much is known about this woman, but we do learn she’s after the necronomicon and definitely knows how to handle deadites. Ash, Pablo and Kelly make their way to Books From Beyond to hopefully figure out how to send these deadite bastards back to hell.  Store owner and full on creepy book expert, Lionel Hawkins (Kelson Henderson) has wanted his whole life to find something like necronomicon and Ash just handed it to him. Before Lionel can get too many pages deep, Detective Fisher shows up looking for answers and knows Ash has something to do with the increasing body count. With detective Fisher subdued, Ash gets the bright idea to summon Eligos, a demon from hell to try to figure out to stop all this madness. Lionel is able to bring the demon up, but as expected Eligos isn’t so much a helpful question answering demon and Ash goes into full on demon ass kicking mode!

With every episode I am more impressed by the special effects and “Books From Beyond” is no exception. The deadite effects are still the best of the Evil Dead series, but the mix of CGI and practical effects used for Eligos are a series high point. Damn impressive and so damn creepy.  The SFX are now like a character themselves and each episode they continue to raise the bar!


This episode we finally get to see Lucy Lawless’s still unnamed character in action. It’s a brief scene, but we learn two things: She has her eyes set on the Necronomicon and she doesn’t fuck around. What exactly her end is remains unclear, but she knows who Ashley J. Williams is and from the sounds of it has been looking for him for a long time. Speaking of badass ladies Ash finally goes toe to toe with Detective Fisher (Jill Marie Jones) and she clearly wasn’t prepared. But really are you ever expecting a man to have his own pair of hand cuffs or remove his wooden hand to escape. Somethings you just can’t prepare for.

Michael J. Bassett continues in the director chair here and absolutely kills it. He has proven that Ash is safe in his hands and is not scared to add his own style, while sticking to the overall theme we have come to expect. This series is now my new Saturday night. But to be honest my old Saturday night was watching one of the 3 original Evil Dead movies. So not much has changed. And I couldn’t be happier.


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