Surviving Halloween With Ivonna Cadaver

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Happy Halloween folks! Just in time for one the biggest horror days of the years, is a quick interview I was able to nab with late night tv icon Ivonna Cadaver! Hope you enjoy it! Make sure to check out her show Macabre Theatre over on YouToo America.

Halloween means what to Ivonna Cadaver?

Halloween to Ivonna, that’s me 😉 is the biggest holiday of the year! It’s also a time where everyone can become a different character and let loose. Tap into their alter-ego if you will. Halloween since signing with my Network YouToo America in October of  2014 has been amazing! We bring fangtastic contests and give-aways each year to the fans and viewers. This year was for the entire month of October with weekly contests, inclusion of the winners in our newsletter and our 4 hour Halloween Marathon. Halloween brings all of us together!

Best childhood Halloween memory and best adult one?

As a young ghoul my favorite memory was watching the older ghouls make vintage what some might say goth couture, which of course lead to my burial wear business. I’ve ditched that gig and now enjoy featuring some of the best classics and indie movies in the Horror and sci-fi genre!

If one were to run into you a Halloween costume party which one of the follow you be wearing: vampire, nurse, witch or clown?

Well, I did do a segment on Macabre Theatre in a Nursing outfit however with a twist of Ivonna’s style. Basically, leather and a fabulous nurses hat! There isn’t anything like a nurse with attitude dressed in leather 😉

Follow up: Which costume would most likely not be wearing? Cat, Zombie, Cavewomen or Harley Quinn?

Hmmmmm, that’s a toss up. I feel like Harley Quinn does it so well so we can leave it to her and the amazing cosplayers I see. I was just at Stan Lee’s Comic-Con and they were fabulous. During the times of Cavewonen I was a real advocate of having them taking control of their own lives. It finally caught on! So we shall say the Cavewoman days to even Ivonna are archaic – just sayin’ 😉

Best Halloween costume for guys Dracula or Werewolf?

Oh, that’s an easy choice 😉 having hosted with one of the most be-loved characters in the world Eddie Munster aka Butch Patrick we all know Ivonna chooses the Werewolf 🙂 Having interviewed Bela Lugosi Jr. I must say Dracula is definitely an excellent choice too. Both Universal Classic Monster Legends!

Halloween candy you can’t pass up?


If you could choose only 5 horror films to watch before Halloween what would they be?

The Last House on the Left – the original

Halloween – the original


Dawn of the Dead

The Hatred – by friend and colleague Mike Kehoe and the great franchise owner of “Halloween” Malek Akkad.

One Horror movie they play around Halloween you can’t stand or are sick of and why?

I believe that every time a film maker puts something together it’s nothing short of a miracle.   So I don’t discriminate. I have my top 100 and then some! I’m  proud of all filmmakers creating their art!

One person alive or dead you’d want to go Trick R Treating with?

No longer with us anymore R.I.P – Wes Carven.

With us and hilarious – Pee Wee Herman and Butch of course 😉

One thing we can count you to be doing on Halloween?

You can count on me to be haunting the streets of Los Angeles and this year attending Todd Tucker’s new feature film “The Terror of Hallow’s Eve!”. It stars, Zach Ward, Juliet Landau, Annie Reid, Doug Jones and many more. I’ll be on the Red Carpet interviewing these amazing celebrities and of course sharing all the action on social media with everyone and on Youtoo America as well as the YTA club at where all the behind the scenes action is posted on our Network! After that I’ll find the real children of the night who want to hang with all the warm bodies in the dungeon. You may be allowed in let’s just hope you make it back out 😉

Macabre Theatre airs on Youtoo America every Saturday at 10pm EST in 38 million households across the country. Macabre Theatre live streams on the YTA Club at on all devices with extra BTS and exclusive interviews and footage. For more information on where Ivonna will be, what’s new and affiliates go to or