Spaghetti Man (2016) Movie Review

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I have to admit I did not have high hopes for this. That’s what happens when one watches a metric SHIT TON of terrible movies to review. But now I’m happy to say that this one surprised me with its humor, silliness, and super hot bad guy.

Spaghetti Man is about Clark, an absolute lazy, cynical, loser asshole who can’t keep a job, and honestly couldn’t care less. His roommate, Dale, is the complete opposite – upbeat, positive, tries really really hard, and just believes the best is in everyone. Though he encourages Clark, Clark just can’t be bothered.

After eating some spaghetti he heated up in a strange acting microwave, Clark develops  an interesting new ability – he can shoot spaghetti from pretty much everywhere on his body. Naturally this worries Clark but once he realizes he can use this power to help people – who then pay him money for his services – he embraces this new path life has taken him.

Dale is less than enthusiastic about Clark charging people money. He should be using his power for good, and for FREE. That’s what a real hero would do. And Clark finally gets the opportunity, when a new friend is put in danger and he must go save him. Sans a paycheck!


Let me play you the song of my people…

Can I just say right off the bat how happy I am the writers did NOT include any scenes where Spaghetti Man shot spaghetti out of his butthole. They could have taken on that gross-out, fart loving, 12-year-old-boy humor and swirled the entire movie down the toilet but they didn’t. The jokes were silly and fun, the humor was light, and the overall idea was not taken so gods damned seriously.

I was impressed with the acting. It’s better than most I’ve seen though there is still some of the awkwardness that permeates all independent films to some degree. But some of it worked in Spaghetti Man’s favor, particularly in the ‘auditioning henchmen’ scene. It added to the ineptness of those characters.

Speaking of characters, Clark is written to be so completely unlikable that it’s difficult to get invested. You hope he grows and matures, which he does a little. But once you embrace his terribleness, his character is a lot of fun to watch. The writers may have tried a little too hard to give that Felix and Oscar vibe between Clark and Dale but seeing where each character ended up, I can understand why.

I have two favorite scenes. First is Clark, after peeing a toilet full of spaghetti, talking to his doctor. The doc is completely clueless as to what is going on but continues to ask the most ridiculous, and HI-larious, questions to figure it out. The second is the henchmen audition scene. For one, it’s funny to watch these guys explain or demonstrate why they would make good bad-guys but for another, the right hand man to the villain is SOOOOPER hot, even before he takes off his shirt. He was also the fight coordinator for the film and it’s pretty obvious in the final fight scene that he knows what the hell he’s doing.

The film does take a dark turn when the criminal element of the city tries to set up Spaghetti Man as a murderer but other than that, the rest of it is a fun flight of fancy and not a bad way to spend an hour and a half of your day.

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