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Lucio Fulci directed a handful of films that will forever be considered classics in the genre. One of those films is PAURA NELLA CITTA DEI MORTI VIVENTI (aka CITY OF THE LIVING DEAD aka THE GATES OF HELL). It remains one of his most disturbing films and contains various scenes of extreme gore including the famous drill and gut-vomiting scenes. Another staple of those early films were the scores written and performed by Fabio Frizzi. Watching the film now, it’s easy to pick it apart and point out the flaws. When Fulci enlisted the talents of his longtime collaborator Frizzi to tackle the soundtrack, he alone was responsible for taking the film to an entirely different level and is part of the reason as to why the film has become a classic.

This particular soundtrack has been released numerous times over the years and with very good reason: it’s brilliant! Argento had Goblin and Fulci had Frizzi, the pair was a match made in hell, and they made beautifully horrific art together. Also released recently by Death Waltz Records, the Private Records release is the one to own. The version I have was released on blue vinyl and also contains 7 previously unreleased tracks. While the album does have that prog-rock sound, it has a bit more bite than some of his other scores. “Irrealta Di Suoni” has more of a rock edge while “Verso L’Alba” allows the bass guitar to take center stage which helps to give off a funky vibe.

The cover boasts the original poster art and it’s stunning. If that’s not enough for you, included with this release are to folded poster reproductions. Private Records never just slap together a release, they make sure it’s of top sound quality while giving it a beautiful presentation. This release falls easily into that particular category. Frizzi’s score is dark, infectious, and it will stick with you for days. He’s a master at what he does and this album will help to solidify him as one of the leading composers in the genre.

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