Slurred Words Ep89: Motor City Mashers

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Hello and welcome to another episode of the Slurred Words Podcast, I am your host Bill Lowe. It’s been a two weeks since the last podcast and there is a good reason for that. My wife and I went into the hospital to have our first son the day I posted the last episode with Chow Down Detroit. Since then I have been busy being a new dad to my brand new baby boy. Now I had recorded this weeks episode the week leading up to my sons birth and have now had some time to sit down and edit and produce this episode. I first want to take a minute to thank Will who brought a care package of amazing food to my house the week after my wife and I returned home with our son. It was an amazing gift and I greatly appreciate it. So thank you Will. On today’s episode we have our first 3-peat guests, Will, Mike, and Dan from the Motor City Mashers Home Brew club. We hear about what they’ve been brewing as well as Mike and Dan’s experience at Home Brew Con in Minneapolis a couples weeks ago. I also have the guys taste my first ever All-Grain home brew and give me their brutal honesty. Remember to follow me @BillsBeerReport on all social media. And remember to head on over to iTunes or your listening app of choice to rate and review the podcast It helps get the podcast out there the more ratings and reviews the podcast gets.

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