Slack Jaw Punks’ Movies of 2017 That Kicked Ass!

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Another year, another “best of” list. Unlike all the other sites, we here at Slack Jaw Punks pick ours by drinking and hurling insults at each other. Myself, Jay and Matt from the SJP Podcast generally decide on 10 films we feel were the best the year had to offer. But ya’ know, drinking and swearing normally takes hold. It was in this drunken verbal assault that I had the bright idea. Why whittle it down to 10!?! Lets all pick our favorites and lay it out there! Well that lead to 18 films. So here they are. The best movies that 2017 had to offer! Or what our alcohol soak brains thought were the best…


The Void

Director(s): Jeremy Gillespie and Steven Kostanski

As we were discussing which movies would make the list only 3 movies did we all agree on and The Void was right on top. A gore drenched genre flick filled with cosmic horror and practical effects, it was a dream come true for us here at SJP. The Void was able to scratch that itch that has been bugging us since Carpenter stopped making movies. A must see for all horror fans!


Director: Andy Muschietti

Sometimes remakes work (Sorry Colin from Some movies could use an update and in the case of Stephen King’s IT that was definitely the case. Tim Curry as Pennywise the Dancing Clown aside (his performance is still absolutely terrifying), the made for TV mini series was begging for an update. Now just because something is dated doesn’t mean a remake is instantly better, I’m not looking to start a debate here (I happen to be a fan of the 90’s version), but Muschietti was able to deliver a fantastic horror flick with a Pennywise that will terrify generations of kids! Doesn’t hurt that he also made the highest grossing horror flick of all time.



Director: James Mangold

Well it took damn near a dozen attempts, but we finally got an onscreen Wolverine movie that was fit for the iconic comic book character. Hugh Jackman’s final performance of the adamantium clawed super hero was his best to date and left us remembering why we all love this character. It will be tough to replace him, but I am excited to see if they can top what was done here.


The Blackcoat’s Daughter

Director: Oz Perkins

Probably the most frightening movie of the year, The Blackcoat’s Daughter came out of nowhere. A24 Films does not mind backing horror flicks that take their time and build the tension and director Oz Perkins does just that.  It’s a movie that you know will not end good for any of the characters, you just don’t know how. Building to the point is the fun and Perkins does it with such a masterful hand, he is a director you should keep an eye for.


Thor: Ragnarok

Director: Taika Waititi

It’s safe to say that Thor was the weakest link when it came to the MCU. Not the character Thor. He’s a God and totally badass, but the Thor movies have always seemed to be lacking. That was until Thor: Ragnarok hit. Marvel seems to have finally figured out that it’s O.K. to have fun with these characters and not take things so serious (Nolan nailed the serious, dark approach but that’s not always the case…). Because of this we got a hell of a great a movie and what appears to be a new trend(hopefully) for super hero movies.


Shape of Water

Director: Guillermo del Toro

GDT is a film maker that makes movies I want to see. It doesn’t matter what the subject is (love, ghosts, giant robots) I am down to see what this man has to offer. And he has yet to disappoint. Case in point: Shape of Water. Not only did I enjoy Shape of Water, I feel it is one of del Toro’s best movies. It’s a love story, a horror flick, fantasy tale and so much more.


Get Out

Director: Jordan Peele

There isn’t much I can say about Get Out that hasn’t been said thousands of times. Some I agree with, some I don’t, but one thing is for sure Get Out is proof that horror can be so much more than just horny teenagers getting slaughtered. Directed by one of the funniest person alive Get Out is a great horror movie that tackles a hard topic.


Director: Joon-ho Bong

Humans have a bizarre relationship with animals. Some are used as companions, some as entertainment, some as actual workers and most are food. This is an aspect of being a human I never really examined until I saw Okja, a beautiful film about how far one little girl is willing to go to save her best friend. A friend that happens to be a genetically engineered super pig that a massive corporation wants to make into food.



I Don’t Feel At Home In This World Anymore.

Director: Macon Blair

Never before has a main character spoken to me the way Ruth (Melanie Lynskey)  does here.  Every day life can feel crushing and soul depleting and forming an honest to god connection with another human being can feel next to impossible. Fortunately for her nothing kicks life in the ass better than finding yourself in the middle of kidnapping plot contrived by highly unstable individuals. Macon Blair delivers a pitch black comedy that spoke to me in ways most movies never do.


Director: Nacho Vigalondo

Kaijus are weakness here at SJP. We friggen love Kaiju movies. It’s super weird that one of the best ones to come out in years stars Anne Hathaway. Nacho Vigalondo gives us a truly unique take on the giant monster sub-genre and shows that even giant monster movies can be character driven stories.


Gaurdians of the Galaxy Vol.2

Director: James Gun

How the hell was James Gunn going to top Guardians of the Galaxy? That movie was so fun and crazy it seemed impossible. How could he do anything cooler than Vin Desel as a giant talking tree? Kurt Fucking Russel! That’s how! Matching what he did in Vol.1 almost perfectly, GotG Vol.2 was an excellent follow-up.

Blade Runner 2049

Director: Denis Villeneuve

Everything gets a sequel now. Doesn’t matter if it came out last year or 30 years ago, if there is a fan based it will have a sequel/reboot. But unlike most movies, Ridley Scott create a vast world in Blade Runner that a sequel could be made with out feeling forced. Denis Villenueve leans heavy on the age old question “what it means to be human?” and create a worthy predecessor to a Sci-Fi classic.


Another Wolfcop

Director: Dean Lowell

You know how earlier I was talking about not every movie needs a sequel? While this statement is true, sometimes we may think it and not even realize that a continuation of a story is exactly what we need. Another Wolfcop is just that. When I finished the first film I assumed that my days spent in the land of Wolfcop was over. Thankfully I was dead wrong! Another Wolfcop is a movie I never asked for, but I thank God everyday that it was made!


Director: David Ayer

Will Smith made a movie I dug. A statement I thought I would never say again. Yes, after Hitch I thought it was impossible that he would make another that came close to perfection. Okay, I’m being an ass and I don’t hold Will Smith movies in high regard, but Bright is fun action/fantasy flick. It also features some amazing special effects. Proving Netflix is a contender for the big block busters.

Dave Made A Maze

Director:  Bill Watterson

When I was a kid I built cardboard forts constantly. Miles of duct tape and broken boxes would create a world of adventure for my small round self. Like most of us, puberty hit me hard and most of that wonder and imagination was replaced with ill timed erections and acne. Dave Made a Maze was able to bring that wonder back without being a kid flick, but never really be not “kid friendly”. An excellent low budget flick that may be the most original movie I have seen in years.


Director: Joe Lynch

Two movies about killing people in a office building came out this year. Mayhem was the better of the two! Joe Lynch is a film maker who does not mind taking chances and going as nuts as possible. And man does he here! He also proves that Steven Yeun is more than just a second fiddle to Rick Grimes. That guys is a leading man and kick so much ass here. Mayhem also holds the honor of being the only movie to have a soundtrack that features both Faith No More and David Matthews Band. Don’t bother checking that, it is absolutely true!

Baby Driver

Director: Edgar Wright

Edgar Wright made a movie with out Simon Pegg (again!) and it took all my will power to quiet my inner fanboy and watch it. Well, even without Pegg Wright was able to deliver a fantastic movie with an outstanding soundtrack. Also features a Jamie Foxx performance that made me like Jamie Foxx. I had that dude all wrong. He rocked the shit here.