Slack Jaw Punks At Motor City Nightmares!!!

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This weekend SJP will invade Detroit’s premiere horror convention Motor City Nightmares! MCN has been going strong now for years and has always showcased the best of the best when it comes to the horror genre. Founded by local horror film makers Tommy and Todd Brunswick, what began as a small get together to help promote their indie films has grown into a full-fledged beast of its own. The Brunswick’s love for horror runs deep and it shows year after year with the line up of genre stars that attend. This year is no different  Jeffery Combs (Re-animator, Frighteners), Bill Mosely (Devil’s Rejects, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2), Sid Haig (House of a 1,000 Corpses, Devil’s Rejects) and even Gary Busey (come on it’s GARY BUSEY, you know who he is!) are only a few of the media guests that MCN has to offer.

If autographs and photos aren’t your thing, fear not! MCN also has a bitching horror film festival and even a couple of movie panels. The Frighteners and The Devil’s Reject to be exact. Also the massive amount of vendors selling rare movies, clothing and everything else horror related you can think of. AND I haven’t even got to the best part (I know what you’re asking how could this possibly get any better!?!?), Slack Jaw Punks will be there also!  Me and the fellas have been hard at work getting together awesome swag and prizes! We partnered up with the company that gave us instant genre classics like The Woman and Jugface, MODERNCINE’ Films (CLICK HERE  for details on them) and we willl have tons of DVDs, tee shirts and merch for sale ! So drop by the SJP booth and challenge us to a round of horror movie trivia and score some swag or just yell drunken racial slurs at us. We are desperate for human companionship and will take any form of contact we can get!

For the full Motor City Nightmares line up head on over to the official website by CLICKING HERE!