Slack Jaw Punks At MI Paracon!!!

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The existence of Ghost  (as with most paranormal topics) is much debated here at SJP. By debate I mean me yelling at Pat and Jake that ghosts don’t exist and I hate them for thinking differently than me! It is true I am a non-believer of most paranormal and anything supernatural. I have always been a skeptic and base my entire life on one principle: If it’s not covered in bacon and deep-fried I don’t want to try it. That said I do have an insane fascination with the subculture and like Agent Scully ( Seriously, if you don’t get that reference get the hell off this page!) I want to believe. What better way to help reshape my iron clad resistance to anything new than to spend 2 days surrounded by nothing but ghost hunters and psychics. Attending panels and round tables by some of the leading experts in the field of paranormal and even going on a haunted ghost walk (yeah, I know exercise. My oldest enemy).

Even if Paracon fails at swaying this non-believer they have enough genre legends in attendance that are worth the price of admission alone. A round table discussion with Kane Hodder, Tony Moran and R.A. Mihailoff might be the highlight of my year. Not to mention Tom Sullivan the FX maestro from Evil Dead fame will be in attendance. Let’s not forget, SJP will be attending handing out free swag, doing give away contests and getting up to all sorts of shenanigans. Now that’s a hell of a weekend. Check out the details below and head on over to the OFFICIAL SITE to snag tickets!

“For the fifth year The UPPRS and Kewadin Casino’s bring you the premiere paranormal event in Michigan! MI Para-Con 5 is back with a vengeance! Not only bringing you the biggest names in the paranormal field like, John Zaffis, Kris Williams, Erin Ryder, Bill Murphy, Katrina Weidman, Chris Flemming but this year they’re bringing the Horror! You won’t want to miss Kane Hodder (Jason), Tony Moran (Michael Myers) and R.A. Mihailoff (Leatherface)!”

For more information on the conference, visit or For booking a Convention Room table, please contact Tim Ellis at 1-906-440-4890.

Tickets can be purchased at the Kewadin Casino Box Office, 1800-Kewadin, or

Prices are as follows:

Daily Pass = $45
Weekend Pass ( No VIP Dinner )= $75
Weekend VIP Pass = $95
HOTEL Package: Room for two people, for two nights ( 8th and 9th), and two Weekend VIP Passes = $360

All passes will also get you access to the Vendor Room.

Gallery Readings are $25 a piece

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